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Borderlands 3 Main Mission List – All Story Missions

by Ginny Woo

If you’re trying to get your mates into Borderlands 3 for the first time so that they can catch up to all of the looting and shooting action, then you’re going to want them to be as equipped as possible. The game can feel a little impenetrable solo, but that’s what our Borderlands 3 main mission list is here for. Get your friends to pump through these, or hold their hand as they do it. The choice is yours; we’re just here to get y’all to the end-game

Borderlands 3 Main Mission List – All Story Missions

Here, we’ve managed to note down every single main quest in Borderlands 3 that is essential to progressing through the story. Yes, we get it, there’s a whole crapton of things to do in the game which are fun and not on this list, but sometimes you just want to take it back to basics.

  1. Children of the Vault 
  2. From the Ground Up 
  3. Cult Following
  4. Taking Flight
  5. Sanctuary
  6. Hostile Takeover
  7. The Impending Storm
  8. Space-Laser Tag
  9. Atlas, At Last
  10. Beneath the Meridian
  11. Hammerlocked
  12. Lair of the Harpy
  13. The Guns of Reliance
  14. The Family Jewel
  15. Going Rogue
  16. Cold as the Grave
  17. Blood Drive
  18. Angels and Speed Demons
  19. The Great Vault
  20. The First Vault Hunter
  21. Footsteps of Giants
  22. In the Shadow of Starlight
  23. Divine Retribution

You’ll probably recognize quite a few of those quest names. They’ll be pre-requisites to side missions that you’ll want if you’re in the market of weapon farming or hunting down exotic beasts (and humanoids) to kill. Hammerlocked is one such “gateway” quest, so if you fancy taking a break once you’ve hit that point in the story to enjoy a leisurely killing spree in amongst the galaxy then that’s entirely your prerogative. 

Otherwise, there you have it – our Borderlands 3 main mission list. Knock out these essentials if you’re wanting to get to the end of the narrative as quickly as possible, whether it’s so you can join your mates in the endgame fashion grind, or just because you really need to finish this game before Death Stranding comes out. We won’t judge you, we promise. Need a hand with anything else related to Borderlands 3? Check out our guide on picking up The Flood Legendary pistol.

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