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Borderlands 3 Loaded Dice – Everything You Need to Know

by Nicholas Barth

There are a wide variety of unique items players can acquire in Borderlands 3 to use in their battles. One of these exciting items is the Loaded Dice legendary artifact. The Loaded Dice Borderlands 3 legendary artifact has caught the eye of plenty of players thanks to the unusual effects it provides those who have it equipped in their inventory. 

Are you curious about learning more of what the Borderlands 3 Loaded Dice item entails? If so, be sure to check out everything you need to know about this legendary artifact below.

Borderlands 3 Loaded Dice

Borderlands 3 Loaded Dice

The special effect of this item reduces a player’s health by 75%. However,  it substantially increases the luck of the player. 

This particular item can provide players with three of the bonuses found below:

  • Melee damage
  • Elemental resistance
  • Elemental damage
  • Max health
  • Fight For Your Lifetime
  • Shield capacity
  • Melee damage
  • Weapon magazine size
  • Weapon accuracy
  • Weapon reload speed
  • Melt chance
  • Movement speed

Borderlands 3 players will also find that the Loaded Dice legendary artifact can provide any of the effects below:

  • Corrosive Damage.
  • Electric Slide
  • Ice Breaker
  • Last Stand
  • Rear Ender
  • Snowdrift

There is no doubt that Borderlands 3 players can have plenty of fun fighting enemies when they have the Loaded Dice legendary artifact equipped to their Vault Hunter.

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