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Borderlands 3 Chupacabratch Location

by Nicholas Barth

There is a wide range of activities players can experience in the world of Borderlands 3. One kind of activity players can take on is hunting legendary beasts who can drop some precious pieces of loot. One of these mythical creatures is the Chupacabratch who is hidden in a particular location.

Have you been searching for the location of the Borderlands 3 Chupacabratch? If so, be sure to check out everything you need to know about the location of the Chupacabratch in Borderlands 3 below.

Borderlands 3 Chupacabratch Location

Players will first need to make their way to Athenas to find where this ferocious beast spends its time. After arriving at Athenas, you will need to head to the graveyard where you located the Eridium in the Impending Storm mission. A pack of Ratch creatures will then attack you on your way to the graveyard. It is at this point you turn left to find a raised platform. This is the location where you will discover the dangerous Borderlands 3 Chupacabratch. 

You can find a visual representation of this area in the game below thanks to YouTuber Filipe Ramos

Borderlands 3 Chupacabratch Location

This particular animal is a high-level enemy and will be a fierce enemy to defeat if you are not adequately prepared for the battle. However, players will find that this creature does often deliver rare pieces of loot when it is defeated. This chance for powerful loot makes finding the location of the Borderlands 3 Chupacabratch and overcoming it well worth your effort. 

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