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Bloodborne The Old Hunters – Beginner’s Tips

by Bryan Dawson

Bloodborne released earlier this year as a spiritual successor to Dark Souls. The PlayStation 4 exclusive title, it offered faster paced combat compared to Dark Souls, and wasn’t quite as brutally difficult (although still hard). Just a few weeks ago From Software and Sony released the first and only expansion for the title, The Old Hunters. With the DLC came the release of The Old Hunters Edition, which includes the original game and the DLC.

Black Friday and Christmas have come and gone, which means quite a few people now own a PlayStation 4 and likely Bloodborne as well. We thought it was time to refresh our Bloodborne guide with a few tips for beginners and those unfamiliar with the Dark Souls series.

Don’t Attack a Large Group – If you fight a normal enemy one-on-one you shouldn’t have a ton of trouble, but when they gang up, don’t engage them all at once. Move in, attack a few times, then roll away in an effort to thin out the group so you can fight them easier.

It’s Okay to Run – Don’t think you need to stand your ground and fight no matter what. There will be plenty of times throughout the game in which it’s better to run away, heal up and regroup with a new attack plan.

Farm Blood Vials – You can never have too many Blood Vials. While you can only carry a limited amount on your character, you can store any extras you find. This replenishes your stock any time you die or head back to Hunter’s Dream.

Spend Your Blood Echoes – Every time you die you will drop your Blood Echoes. You c an pick them up if you don’t die again before finding them, but it’s best to head back to Hunter’s Dream and spend your Blood Echoes leveling up so you don’t risk losing them. It’s easier to die in this game than you may think.

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