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Bloodborne – Farm for Blood Echoes, Blood Vials, Quicksilver Bullets and Sedatives

by Bryan Dawson

Bloodborne is a grind depending on your play style and how good you are at the game. Some people take their time, check every corner and rarely die. For others, they play Bloodborne like it’s an action game, running around every corner, engaging large groups of enemies and dying more often than they’d care to admit. If you fall into the latter category, this list of farming locations will help you level up your character, find Blood Vials and get everything you need to survive despite dying repeatedly. 

Blood Vials

As your primary source of health replenishment, it’s important to have as many Blood Vials as possible. You’ll go through them quickly, which means that dying a few times in one area will greatly reduce the number of Blood Vials you have available. Luckily, there’s a pretty easy way to farm Blood Vials at a good pace. 

Open the gate to the left of the Central Yharnam lamp. To do this, you need to head down the stairs to the left after facing the two Nether Beasts (wolves) on the bridge (before you reach the Cleric Beast). The building has two enemies on the top floor and two more on the bottom floor. Clear the area, then go through the door on the bottom floor and up the stairs straight ahead. Kill the enemy here, then open the gate to the right. 

This gives you easy access to this side of Central Yharnam using the Central Yharnam lamp. From here, you can kill the first enemy on the bottom floor of the building that will drop two Blood Vials more often than not. Head upstairs to kill the two enemies there and sometimes get more Blood Vials. Head up the stairs and kill the enemy (also an occasional Blood Vial drop), then take down the two Nether Beasts. 

If you are low level and have trouble with the Nether Beasts, you can lure them back to the building. They’ll get stuck at the doorway and you’ll be able to attack them much easier. Once they are down, head left at the bridge and kill the Brute and the Crazed Crows. The Nether Beasts and Brutes all drop Blood Vials (usually two or three each). 

Head back through the bottom door in the building and circle around to the stairs on the right. Go down to the lower area to find two more Brutes. Kill them to get two Blood Vials each. If you already opened the lift just beyond the two Brutes, you can head down the lift and up the stairs to the left to the next bridge. Let the flaming ball kill the basic enemies, then kill the Brute at the top. Head up the next set of stairs, then kill the two enemies at the top to get more Blood Vials. This is the small area just before the Father Gascoigne boss battle. If you’ve defeated Father Gascoigne already, use the lamp here to go back to Hunter’s Dream and repeat the process. 

If you do all of this, it should take about five minutes (depending on your level) and net you anywhere between 15 and 24 Blood Vials depending on drop rates. Do this a couple of times and you’ll be ready to continue progressing through the game. 

Blood Echoes and Quicksilver Bullets

Farming for Blood Echoes heavily depends on your level, as you need considerably more Blood Echoes at higher levels. Once you’ve discovered the Lecture Building area, go to the bottom floor (the Lecture Building lamp is the closest lamp) and open the door on the left side of the hall where there are about 20 Graduate enemies. If you are high enough to enter this area, you’re probably a high enough level to take them out in one or two hits. Stand just outside the door to get them in a bottleneck and kill them a bit easier.

Killing all of these enemies nets you about 15,000 Blood Echoes and a good number of Quicksilver Bullets. You’ll also get a few Sedatives, which can be helpful later in the game. You can head back to Hunter’s Dream and repeat the process, or walk into one of the rooms with a single Graduate (there are several rooms like this) and die at the hands of that enemy. You’ll spawn back at the Lecture Building lamp and should have an easy time getting your Blood Echoes back from the single enemy in the room you died in.

This exploit gives you a good number of Blood Echoes, quite a few Quicksilver Bullets and even some Sedatives, and only takes about five minutes to complete.

If you are having trouble with the game, beat every boss with Prima’s free Bloodborne walkthrough