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Black Ops 4 Zombies – How to Build the Spectral Shield in Blood of the Dead

by Josh Hawkins

There are a lot of little gadgets and gizmos that players can make use of in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, especially when it comes to the different zombies maps available in the game. If you’re playing on Blood of the Dead, then you’re going to need to know how to build the Spectral Shield, a key component needed for the main Easter egg questline, as well as for other little items and hidden secrets. We’ve done the legwork, so here’s what you’ll need to know to build the Spectral Shield in Blood of the Dead.

How to Build the Spectral Shield

Building the Spectral Shield isn’t necessarily a difficult task to pull off, but you’ll need to know the location of several key components if you want to be able to pull it off without any massive hitches. We’ve outlined all the details you need to know below, including the locations of each part that you need, so let’s dive right in.

Find the Shield

The first thing you need to find to build the Spectral Shield is the shield part. This item resembles the front plate of a riot shield and can be found in one of three different locations.

The first location you can find this part of the shield is halfway down the stairs in the Citadel Tunnels. Look for it propped up against one of the makeshift walls that separate the different sections of the stairs (the little doorways that you run through).

The second location to look for this shield part is next to the window where zombies spawn at the very bottom of the stairs that lead down to Building 64, where you turn on the power with the second switch.

Finally, you can also search for the shield part next to the elevator at the very top of the stairs in the Citadel Tunnels.

Find the Afterlife Essence

With the shield part in hand, it’s time to find the next component of the Spectral Shield. To find the Afterlife Essence you will need to search three different locations, all of which are pretty close to each other. We’ve outlined them below:

The first place that you can find the Afterlife Essence is on the electrical box inside of the Library, when you first enter the prison portion of the map. Look for the box to be glowing with a strange blue aura and interact with it to grab the Afterlife Essence.

If the Afterlife Essence isn’t in the library, then make your way over the Michigan Avenue, where you go to enter the Warden’s Office. It can also spawn on this electrical box—directly across from the box that triggers the trap inside the door to the Warden’s Office.

Finally, you can look for the Afterlife Essence in Times Square. You can find this section of the prison by heading up onto the catwalk on Michigan Avenue. From here, continue down the catwalk and past the metal walling to arrive in Times Square. Drop down below and you should see the electrical box along the wall. If it’s glowing blue, interact with it and grab the Afterlife Essence.

Get the Warden’s Key

Finally, the last thing that you need to complete the Spectral Shield is the Warden’s Key. This item can be acquired by killing the Warden anytime that he spawns. Once you kill him, walk up and grab the shiny key from his corpse. Now head to a nearby workbench and craft yourself a shiny Spectral Shield.

Now that you’ve acquired all the parts, head to the nearest workbench and build the shield. You can also head back over to our Black Ops 4 guides for more help.


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