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Black Ops 3: Zetsubou No Shima Details and First Look

by Prima Games Staff

For the past few weeks, fans have enjoyed the latest downloadable content pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, Awakening. Along with four new multiplayer maps (including fan favorites like Splash and Skyjacked), there was also Der Eisendrache, Treyarch’s recent entry into its World War II-themed Zombies mode. This coming Tuesday on PS4, we’ll get a continuation of that tale in the form of Zetsubou No Shima.

As with previous Zombies maps, this one will support up to four players in co-op, working together to fend off groups of zombies that become increasingly stronger with each coming wave. However, there are a few additional features players can expect this time around, set to make this map even more elaborate and dangerous than what Der Eisendrache had to offer.

No Fantasy Island

Zetsubou No Shima is set on a mysterious island in Japan where Element 115 took hold and transformed the local wildlife into horrible creatures.

Once again, the quartet of soldiers who appeared in Der Eisendrache and The Giant maps – Tank Dempsey, Nikolai Belinksi, Edward Richtoften and Takeo Masaki – will return, slaughtering progressively difficult waves of enemies in addition to exploring the island to find new weapons, along with plenty of secrets. The story puts the spotlight on Takeo this time around, although we don’t know much about his role.

Plants and Spiders

Along with zombies, there are new enemies to contend with in Zetsubou No Shima in the form of Giant Spiders. They will replace the Hellhounds that appeared in previous games. Although the trailer only revealed glimpses of them in action, they’re bound to be even worse than the zombies, with slightly faster speed and possibly some form of projectile attack.

Dangerous plants will make your stay on this island even more terrifying. If you shoot these plants they will release a yellow gas similar to the Nova 6 gas from other Zombies maps. However, from what we’ve seen in the trailer, you can use plants against the undead in certain scenarios, making your mission somewhat easier. See? You make friends!

Then we have the large brute you saw at the beginning of this article. We don’t know what role he plays, and we certainly hope there’s a capable fire team standing alongside us when he arrives.

Traps, Sewer Pipes and Ziplines

There are other items to make note of in Zetsubou No Shima. As you’ll see in the trailer, there’s a way to get across the island underground via the sewer. While not as scenic as skyrocketing off booster pads in Der Eisendrache, this might avoid being overrun topside.

For that matter, it also looks like zip lines will play a crucial role if you prefer the high ground. These can be used to go from one section of the island to the other in a speedier amount of time, and who knows – you might even be able to shoot a few zombies for good measure.

Finally, in addition to some of the plants that can work in your favor, there are traps that your team can take advantage of over the course of the match. The trailer clearly shows an airplane propeller that chops zombies to bloody pieces. You even have the opportunity to switch on a jet engine that appears to function like a vacuum that inhales enemies.

Gobblegums and Wonder Weapon

New Gobblegums provide temporarily perks to help survive against enemies, Oil Spill being one of the new power-ups. Unfortunately we don’t know what it does yet.

A new Wonder Weapon is also reported in the form of a Masamune sword. Again, its full purpose wasn’t disclosed, but our guess is that you’ll be able to run rampant and slice zombies like a samurai.

In addition, we have a new Specialist Weapon called The Skulls of Nan Sapwe. It looks to have similar effect to the Thunder Gun seen in earlier Call of Duty games, but with a specially modified Firebreak effect.

You can try out Zetsubou No Shima when the map arrives this Tuesday with the Eclipse DLC on PlayStation 4, and sometime next month for Xbox One and PC.


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