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Big Boom Blaster Borderlands 3 – Everything You Need to Know

by Nicholas Barth

There is a wide variety of items players can collect in Borderlands 3 to use on their adrenaline-fueled adventures. One of these pieces of loot is the legendary Big Boom Blaster shield. This particular shield is a valuable item and would be a welcomed addition to the inventory of any Vault Hunter.

Are you curious about what the Borderlands 3 Big Boom Blaster has to offer? If so, be sure to check out everything you need to know about the legendary shield below. 

Big Boom Blaster Borderlands 3

Our good friends over at the manufacturer of Pangolin are the people behind the creation of this item in the looter-shooter. The most important feature of the Borderlands 3 Big Boom Blaster is its ability to keep Vault Hunters in the fight by dropping a booster that will restore a player’s shields and ammo and grant a grenade. The exact amount your shields will be restored by with the Borderlands 3 Big Boom Blaster is 60%. 

Big Boom Blaster Borderlands 3

(Photo courtesy of Borderlands Wiki)

Battles can sometimes last a while. This fact means having an item like the legendary shield above will be no doubt help you achieve victory in all of your future fights with the many enemies that populate the universe of the title. Unfortunately, there is no guaranteed way of getting this piece of loot to drop. Vault Hunters have to hope RNG and the loot gods are on their side when they get their next legendary drop. 

Will you be trying to acquire the Big Boom Blaster legendary item in Borderlands 3? Have you already obtained this powerful piece of loot? Let us know over on Facebook and Twitter! Are you looking for more information on the high-profile looter-shooter? Check out our dedicated coverage hub for the popular game from Gearbox Software. 


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