Beware the Call of Duty: Warzone Death Truck

This truck must be feared and respected at all times.

There’s a notorious glitch terrorizing the Call of Duty: Warzone community. The weird thing about it, is that it isn’t actually clear if it’s a glitch. It also hasn’t been fixed or changed in months. Its static presence has only made its legend more powerful, and more fearsome. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, then you’re one of the community’s most vulnerable players. Beware the Call of Duty: Warzone Death Truck.

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Call of Duty: Warzone Death Truck Guide

So what’s the deal with the so-called Death Truck? Is it like a Stephen King’s Christine sort of situation, with a car possessed by Hell itself and wreaking havoc on Call of Duty’s military population? No, and in fact, the Death Truck is actually a passive agent in this situation. We think that makes it even more strange and scary.

The Death Truck is a simple, beat up old tractor-trailer freight vehicle players can encounter in the Verdansk Graveyard area. It’s parked right outside Superstore, and the victims it has claimed are great in number. The Death Truck has been an ongoing topic of conversation for months, but somehow Warzone players continue to fall prey to its murderous ways.

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Basically, it’s a normal truck, but items will spawn inside of it, including important stuff like bounty contracts. It isn’t easy to get into the truck, as what you have to do is get into a nearby apartment’s window and go prone in order to crawl into the truck’s bed. The trap is that while you can get in, you can’t get out. Since you have to crawl in, there’s no way to hoist yourself back up to the window, and there’s no other exit. You’re stuck in the Death Truck until the gas claims you, you do yourself with an explosive, another player kills you, or you give up and log out in deep shame.

Since the Death Truck endures to this day, players in the know have come to start using it as a griefing tool, tricking innocent players by crawling into the Death Truck and making noise to alert others. Once the unwitting victim comes through for the easy kill, the allure of dropped loot draws them in while the original prankster laughs at their expense.

Supposedly, some players have found a way out of the Death Truck, but it only works in team games as it requires another player to roll up in another vehicle. The person trapped in the Death Truck can then allegedly hop into the other vehicle.

No matter what kind of sweet loot is in the truck, do not go into the truck. The Death Truck has yet to be addressed by the developers, despite a number of patches launching since its discovery. Perhaps the team are the ultimate grifters, or perhaps some outside force compels them to keep the truck alive.

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