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Best Wide Receivers in Madden Ultimate Team NFL 17

by Bryan Dawson

A wide receiver can be difficult for teams to handle in Madden NFL 17, so we’re taking a look at the five best wide receivers in Madden Ultimate Team. With a top WR you can make your MUT a force to be reckoned with. In fact, having a good WR can make up for having an average QB. However, if you’re looking for both, we also covered the best QBs in MUT so be sure to take a look.

Antonio Brown

One aspect that makes a good WR in MUT is the ability to run a variety of routes. Antonio Brown is one of the best in the game because you have that option with him. Run whatever route you please and Brown won’t have any trouble handling it. He also benefits considerably from the run after catch (RAC) move in Madden 17.

Julio Jones

If the opposing team isn’t doubling up on Julio Jones it’s almost a guaranteed catch for this WR. He can handle almost any kind of pass you throw at him and he’ll make the catch look easy. He’s not the fastest or the biggest WR, but he is highly rated in both categories and that makes him hard to beat. You would have trouble going wrong with Jones on your MUT.

Odell Beckman Jr.

As one of the more well-rounded wide receivers in the game, Beckman does almost everything well even if he’s not the best at any one thing. He’s capable of making big plays for your team and can catch almost anything that’s thrown in his direction. The opposing team would be wise to put double coverage on this man.

A.J. Green

The best attributes of A.J. Green are his size and power. He is difficult for most teams to contend with as he’ll overwhelm almost any CB in the league. If that weren’t enough, his speed is an added bonus that really pushes Green to the top and makes him ideal for almost any team. If you have weak blocking, Green can still push through to make plays for you.

DeAndre Hopkins

Hopkins is a stand out WR in Madden NFL 17, but he’s not quite on par with the other people on this list. If you already have an exceptional QB, picking up Hopkins is a great choice if you can’t get any of the other WRs we’ve mentioned. He doesn’t have the ability to get open as often as the others, but he can still make catches when he’s covered if you pair him with a solid QB.

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