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Best Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Classes for Beginners

by Jesse Vitelli

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands has quite a few different classes to choose from and it might leave you wondering which class would be best for someone who isn’t familiar with the Borderlands franchise. Luckily, there are a couple of classes that are built around survivability that are great for beginners.

Best Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Classes for Beginners


The BRR-Zerker class is great for beginners because it gives players strong melee attacks for when things get dicey. The lass Feat allows the Zerker to become enraged and add frost damage to their attacks.

The action skill Dreadwind is a huge aoe melee attack that has the player spinning in circles cleaving through everything in its path. This can be swapped out with Feral Surge which changes the spin into a big leap which is excellent for getting out of harm’s way.


The Stabbomancer is another great class for beginners because of its Class Feat which allows your critical hit chance to be increased when stabbing opponents. This means you can do some big damage, even early on in the game.

Stabbomancer’s action skill Ghost Blade lets you throw out a spectral blade that spins in place. This lets you create some distance from enemies and gives you a chance to breathe. Especially because you can hit the bumper to teleport to the dagger if you need a quick escape.

The other action skill From the Shadows grants you invisibility for a short duration and any damage done in this state is an automatic critical hit.

Spore Warden

Spore Warden is great because you’ll receive a mushroom companion that is perfect for tanking enemies and giving you room to move around. The mushroom companion can also poison nearby enemies and give them status effects.

The action skill Barrage shoots seven spectral arrows that ricochet and can hit multiple enemies. It’s not super powerful, but if you’re caught reloading at a bad time it can finish the job.

The other Action Skill Blizzard sends three ice tornadoes at your enemies dealing damage and slowing them down. It’s an excellent combination with the mushroom companion for giving you the maximum amount of time to lay gunfire to your enemies before they reach you.

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