Best The Sims 4 Afterschool Activities, Ranked

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Best The Sims 4 Afterschool Activities Ranked
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What better way to set your Sims up for success than to start young with after-school activities and part-time jobs? Here’s a complete list of the best The Sims 4 after-school activities ranked.

Best Sims 4 Afterschool Activities, Ranked

The Sims 4 has eight after-school activities for children, teens, and university students to explore. Discover University and High School Years are the two main packs that introduce these, with Seasons and Get Famous also adding one each.

While these packs also include part-time jobs catered to teen Sims, I’ll exclude these from the list and instead focus on unpaid activities designed to be fun extracurriculars.

Let’s take a look at every The Sims 4 after-school activity.

7. Computer Team Member

The Sims 4: High School Years computer club is a go-to activity for aspiring programmers and tech gurus. You’ll hang out with fellow teens on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday nights and learn a new skill.

If you want to spend your time improving this skill and pursuing these career paths, this is for you. Otherwise, better options are out there, leading to higher-paying jobs for similar amounts of effort.

6. E-Sports Competitor

This one is for all the gamers who want to fulfill their dreams of winning tournaments, becoming famous streamers, or just want to show off their gaming prowess. The Sims 4: Discover University’s E-sports competitor is a fun way to spend time, as you can participate in tournaments and improve your gaming skills.

However, when considering future career prospects, it isn’t quite as helpful as others later on this list. This one would rank high on a list of fun after-school activities, though!

5. Soccer Team Member

The soccer team is a less intense version of High School cheer and football teams, allowing your university Sim to raise their fitness skill outside of school. You also practice logic along the way, another helpful skill I’ll touch on later.

While I’ll get into the benefits of fitness skills in the next section, another part of the soccer team is that you only meet up on Sunday night. While for some, this is a great way to relax and slowly build your fitness, it can also feel less intense and challenging than the cheer and football teams.

In short, this is a decent activity if you want a more laidback and less intense club that can lead to fantastic career opportunities. Otherwise, you can spend your Sim’s Sunday afternoons honing other skills or catching up on homework.

4. Cheer / Football Team Member

High School Years introduces four after-school activities, two of which- the cheer and football teams- hone your fitness skills. While they differ somewhat in the days worked, they have similar rewards, and their bonus traits improve fitness quickly.

This boost is where their value shines, depending on what careers you plan to explore.

More specifically, fitness is a crucial skill for some of the highest-paid jobs in the game, such as a StrangerVille’s military career, an astronaut interstellar smuggler, and an actor in some cases. If you aim to make plenty of money as an adult or stay fit and active, participating in these activities and getting an early start can help significantly.

3. Chess Team Member

Alongside the clubs listed above, this pack also adds the chess team to help you improve your logic skills. Logic is a widely used skill for many careers, including those that can make a lot of money.

If you thought fitness was powerful, wait until you dive into logic.

In particular, logic skills are helpful if you pursue a career like a villainous secret agent, astronaut, or business branch. Many more also fall into the logic basket, like military covert operators, civil designers, and conservationists.

In other words, although fitness is helpful for the highest-paying jobs in the game, logic is far more versatile, playing a key role in several jobs across numerous expansions and game packs. If you prefer jobs like an interstellar smuggler, fitness may be your preferred choice; otherwise, it’s worth improving your logic to give your Sim more options for the future.

2. Drama Club

The Sims 4: Get Famous’ drama club is a fantastic activity to try if your child Sim is interested in exploring the creative arts. While primarily focused on acting, it also increases your creativity skill, which can later boost skills like painting, writing, or cooking.

Unlike previous entries, the best part is that your Sim can start this activity as a child, giving you a major advantage upon entering high school, university, and beyond.

1. Scout

The Sims 4: Season’s Scout after-school activity for children and teens is the best way for your Sim to dive into multiple skills. You collect badges by engaging in friendly social interactions, exploring the outdoors, and staying fit. By collecting badges and advancing through the activity’s five levels, you’ll also gain the Scouting Aptitude trait that’ll help you throughout your Sim’s life.

Overall, the scout activity is a great way to spend your Sim’s free time honing skills, collecting badges, and meeting new friends while getting helpful rewards to help them in adulthood.

Now that you’ve looked at this list, it’s time to try some of the best after-school activities The Sims 4 offers!

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