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The Best Teams in NBA 2K16

by Prima Games Staff

2K Sports’ new basketball game, NBA 2K16, hit the virtual hardwood, and with it comes a variety of options for hoops fans to enjoy. Whether you want to live the life with the Spike Lee-scripted story mode, or head straight into online play against fellow NBA junkies, you’ll find plenty of shooting, dunking and blocking to go around.

If you’re just getting started, it helps to get off on the right foot with a strong squad. There’s nothing wrong with playing with your favorite team, but to make a good championship run and put major points on the board, you can’t go wrong with the best teams in NBA 2K16. 

Golden State Warriors 

They’re last season’s champs, and we expect great things this season. With sharp-shooting Stephen Curry’s amazing point guard ability, Andre Igoudala serving up points at small forward and Draymond Green cleaning up on the boards, they could easily dish up a repeat performance providing they survive the deep Western Conference. Also, let’s not forget their strong fanbase. They make every home game seem like a party – and it’s one basketball fans won’t want to miss. 

Los Angeles Clippers 

Remember a few years ago when the Lakers were the best show in Los Angeles and the Clippers came in second place? It’s funny how things change. The Clippers have come a long way, surpassing their Staples Center rival thanks to players like Chris Paul, Paul Pierce and Blake Griffin, along with the coaching know-how of Doc Rivers. They should have plenty of talent hitting the court this year and determination to win a championship. Standing in their way? Golden State and San Antonio.

Cleveland Cavaliers

Thanks to the return of LeBron James and the addition of J.R. Smith and Kevin Love to the roster, the Cavaliers went from bottom feeders to championship material in no time. The team managed to find its momentum again, headed by LeBron, who’s playing the best basketball in the world. This year will mean a lot for them, now that Love and point guard Kyrie Irving are healthy. Providing they remain on the court, the team will have no trouble adding wins and eventually doing plenty of damage in the playoffs. 

San Antonio Spurs

Even though they made a somewhat unexpected exit from the playoffs last year (a first round loss to the Clippers in an epic seven game series), you should never count out the Spurs. They continue to be one of the best teams in the NBA, led by veteran Tim Duncan, who’s coming back for yet another year of dominance. Backed by other players like Manu Ginobili, David West and Tony Parker, the squad should have no trouble finding its offensive and defensive dominance, and head coach Gregg Popovich will once again make his experience count with the squad. Oh yeah, and they picked up little known player LaMarcus Aldridge in free agency. We hear he’s OK. 

Houston Rockets 

Not since the days of Hakeem Olajuwon have the Rockets been able to get noticed during the NBA season. However, last year the team really turned things around, with the likes of Dwight Howard (center) and James Harden (shooting guard) easily racking up the points; the addition of point guard Ty Lawson should make them stronger. This team should have no trouble notching up a few wins, both in the real league and virtually in NBA 2K16, and that means eventually making the playoffs yet again. These Rockets are certainly taking off. 

Oklahoma City Thunder 

Two words: Kevin Durant. His presence on the Thunder is one of the main reasons the team excels. The rest of the team deserves credit as well, including all-star Russell Westbrook, shot-blocking powerhouse Serge Ibaka and Steven Adams backing KD. They’ll be contenders again this year. 

Atlanta Hawks

The Atlanta Hawks have slowly but surely shaken things up in the Eastern Conference, between the likes of power forward Paul Milsap and small forward Kyle Korver. They’d have to overcome a few talented teams in order to make a name for themselves in the playoffs, but they have more than enough firepower to get there. 

Memphis Grizzlies

As the Hawks have done with the East, this defensive-minde team managed to carve out its own little niche in the West. That’s mainly due to the power of its roster, with players like Marc Gasol, Zach Randolph and Tony Allen. Yes, the Grizzlies could soon become a big success story in the NBA. Keep an eye on these guys.

Milwaukee Bucks

The Bucks should make some noise this season, with Greg Monroe, a healthy Jabari Parker and Michael Carter-Williams. They’ll start out slow this season, but gain the momentum needed to put on a show in time for the playoffs. The same could easily be said for the virtual team, so give them a shot.

Washington Wizards

Despite losing veteran leadership in Paul Pierce (who left for the Clippers), the Wizards still have a dynamic backcourt with John Wall and Bradley Beal. In the paint, beat up opposing teams with Marcin Gortat while Kris Humphries grabs boards for second chance opportunities.

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