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The Best Support Items In Hawken

by Prima Games Staff

While your primary and secondary weapons will do you a great deal of good in Hawken, it never hurts to lean on support items – and this free-to-play game has them in spades.

Here’s a breakdown of the best support items you’ll come across in Hawken, whether you need weaponry back-up or something to shake things up.


First up is the Blockade. This serves as a temporary shield that puts up a wall of energy, one that protects against weapon fire and mechs. You can also use this Hawken support item to shut down choke points and protect secondary points on the map.

It can be upgraded from having a single charge to two different charges (Mark III being the best), but keep an eye open for its cooldown time, just over 92 seconds.

If you prefer something a bit more mobile, go with the Shield, which can protect you within a large electromagnetic dome for a few extra seconds. The only downside is that you can’t fire through it yourself, but it’ll protect you if you’re running low on energy.


Think of the Detonator as a projectile that can do major damage upon impact, along with secondary splash damage that makes it one of the most devastating Hawken support items to deal out.

It recharges just after 71 seconds, and if you manage to unlock the Mark III version, you can actually unlock two at a time, with higher effectiveness.

Try out the H.E. Charge as well. It works similarly to the Detonator, but can bounce off walls and other environmental obstacles.

In addition, the ISM Disruptoris another great weapon that lets off a big explosion, but also lets loose with disruptive radio waves that damages enemy radar for a short period of time.


With this Hawken support item activated, you’ll be able to set off an explosion once activated, one that can temporarily disable weapons and electronic systems of enemy mechs. That leaves them – and their secondary utilities – open wide enough for you and your team to lead in with an attack.

However, the cost of an EMP is heavy, as you’ll only be able to use it after it cools down after 105 seconds. If you can get it up to level Mark III, however, you’ll be able to drop two at a time, with better accuracy.


What better way to throw enemies off than by making them think you’re in a spot where you aren’t at all? With the Hologram, you can create a holographic image that mimics your actions, but staying in a stationary spot. Using it, you can throw off enemies into firing at it, then strike back when they don’t see it coming.

You can use the Hologram quite often, since its recharge is only 21 seconds, and if you can level it up to Mark III, this Hawken support item will last longer and be available for use twice immediately. 

M.G. Turret

Let’s talk turrets. These Hawken support items provide a great deal of secondary firepower that can’t be beat. The M.G. Turret is a top-of-the-line selection, as it will immediately fire upon any foes that come into their range. In addition, you’ll also score experience points if they successfully kill a target.

The cooldown time is 79 seconds, but you can level it up to Mark III and be able to drop two turrets at once, with greater firing capacity.

If you prefer Turrets that fire rockets, go with the R. Turret, which packs a punch with its heavy assault focus. Like the M.G., it increases firing capacity and you can double your pleasure once you unlock the Mark III version of this Hawken support item.

Portable Scanner

Think of this as Hawken’s version of an enemy locator. Once it’s activated, this Hawken support item can track enemies on your radar, giving away the location to not only you, but also your teammates. It also notifies you with voice prompts once enemies come into your range, so you’re good to go.

It’s got the highest cooldown period of all of the support items, 118 seconds. However, if you level up to Mark III, you can use two scanners and they’ll last a bit longer, until you’re killed.

If you prefer to block out enemies, you can try the Radar Scrambler. This disrupts signals coming from enemy radars, so you can sneak up on them that way as well. If they still spot you in the open, though, be prepared to fight.

Repair Charge 

If you’re looking for a good Hawken support item that actually lends your team a hand, think of this as a mobile medikit. Once you issue this Repair Charge, you can actually heal not only yourself, but also fellow mechs that need their armor patched up. You can also throw it much further, in case you’re trying to support an ally that’s just outside your reach.

Level this up to Mark III and you’ll be able to drop two of these, and they’ll last much longer than expected. Just be prepared for the 79 second cooldown time.

Good luck, and enjoy the mech combat that Hawken has to offer!

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