The Best Stealth Loadouts in Call of Duty: Warzone

The best tools for getting sneaky in Warzone.

Despite being a Battle Royale-style game, Call of Duty: Warzone lets you set up loadouts before you drop into a match. This one mechanic is a huge departure from other games in this genre, which tend to drop players in empty-handed or close to it. There is a little bit of unlocking to do so to speak before you can use all the loadout options, but once you find what you like, you can always enter a Warzone match with that setup. You can still pick up weapons as you come across them on the map, but having a curated loadout will set you ahead of those who don’t.

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Call of Duty: Warzone Stealth Loadout Guide

One of the more popular loadout styles is built around stealth, but as you might expect in such a customizable system, there are many different ways to achieve a sneakier loadout. Each option has its merits, and some players will swear by one or the other. At the same time, there are a few universal needs, especially when it comes to choosing perks. So if you’re looking to get a leg up and really like to play your Battle Royales all sneaky-like, here are some crucial components to reaching that goal.

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One common theme in Call of Duty: Warzone stealth bids is the choice between the MP5 or the M13. These are great primary weapons to have because they’re already built with stealth in mind, with softer sound, and effects that make you harder to track once you’re shooting. If you want a little more balance the Grau5.56 is a bit more versatile in a pinch, thanks to its longer range and generous recoil.


When it comes to sidearms, most players seem to agree that the Renetti pistol is the way to go for any build, much less stealth loadouts specifically. Pop a silencer on it and you’ll have the ideal sidearm. But another consistent idea is that in general, picking a sidearm comes with a lot of flexibility. You can put a Monolithic suppressor on more powerful weapons, like the FAL and the 725 Shotgun. It sounds ridiculous, but it’s totally on the table. If you need an option to take on vehicles, The Rytec AMR sniper rifle has been put forward as a better option than most, thanks to what it can do with Thermite rounds.


You can find arguments for both c4 and Thermite in stealth builds. C4 is great for drawing people out, and Thermite sticks to people which is pretty self-explanatory. You want to avoid blowing things up as much as you can, but there is utility for these tools in a stealth build.

Tactical: As you might guess, your best tactical options are focused on positioning and maneuverability. The Heartbeat Sensor is the most straightforward, letting you scope out player positions. You can also utilize Stim to push out of a bad situation, or Flash Grenade to make quick escapes.


The most commonly-recommended perks for stealth builds are Ghost and Cold-Blooded. That’s because with both of those perks equipped you’ll be able to avoid all digital surveillance tools. From there you can get a bit more creative. There are use cases for Spotter, which lets you see certain things through walls, or High Alert which lets you know when other players can see you. E.O.D. is one situational option, and Amped can also be recommended if you aren’t using a handgun.

Do you have any other tools you prefer when you’re trying to win Warzone matches in stealth mode? Or do you prefer to go loud right off the bat? Let us know on our social media channels at Facebook and Twitter!

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