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Best Spells to Unlock First in V Rising

These spells are great!

With dozens of spells to find and use in V Rising, picking the right choice can be difficult. It’s even harder when you have no clue what to do and you’re just starting out as a new player. We’ve all been there, but you don’t need to stress out. Here are some great spell recommendations you can discover and start exploring for yourself in V Rising.

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V Rising: Best Starting Spells to Unlock

Wraith Spear – Illusion Magic

  • Dash backwards and launch a piercing projectile dealing 160% magic damage and inflicting weaken. Each additional hit deals 75% magic damage of the previous hit and grants phantasm.

Wraith Spear is exactly how it sounds. It’s a spell made of illusion magic where the caster throws a powerful spear that pierces anything in its path. Not only does it deal decent damage to anything that it hits, but it pushes the caster backwards which can be helpful in the heat of battle. You can use this spell in tandem with another projectile spell to unleash some crazy burst damage in a matter of seconds. You could also use Wraith Spear with your standard dodge ability to make a lot of distance. Killing Grayson the Armorer in Farbane Woods will earn you one tier-one illusion spell point, allowing you to learn Wraith Spear.

Frost Bat – Frost Magic

  • Launch a projectile that deals 100% magic damage. The projectile explodes upon impact, inflicting chill on nearby enemies. Hitting a chilled enemy freezes it for four seconds.

Frost Bat launches a projectile made of frost magic that slows and damages enemies. This spell helps you put some distance between you and the enemy as the chilling effect of the spell will slow down any movement, making it easy for you to attack from afar or briefly heal. Using Frost Bat with other projectile spells works wonders, as the chill effect plus the damage will make battles much more achievable. Add in long-range weapons and the battle is pretty much over before it’s even started. Killing Keely the Frost Archer in Farbane Woods will earn you one one-tier frost spell point, allowing you to learn Frost Bat.

Corrupted Skull – Unholy Magic

  • Launch a projectile that deals 80% magic damage, summons a skeleton and inflicts condemn. The attack deals 40% bonus damage to enemies below 30% health.

Corrupted Skull launches a projectile that deals decent damage, but it also spawns skeletons when it hits an enemy. This useful spell allows you to take the heat off yourself in battle and redirect the enemy’s attention to the units you summoned. It’s perfect for people who like playing from afar as the skeletons offer a great distraction. You could use this spell with some of the other projectile abilities mentioned above to do some disgusting damage. Killing Goreswine the Ravager in Farbane Woods will earn you one one-tier unholy spell point, allowing you to learn Corrupted Skull.

Blood Rage – Blood Magic

  • Heal nearby allies for 40% of your spell power, increase attack speed by 25% and movement speed by 15% for four seconds. Inflicts leech on nearby enemies.

Enjoy going berserk and slicing monsters into bits? Blood Rage is a great buff for any player who enjoys close-range combat. This spell basically amplifies your attack speed, movement speed, and spell power, making you an unstoppable warrior of bloodlust. Combine this spell with Wraith Spear and you have all the movement and damage you need to unleash flurries of attacks in short bursts. You can unlearn other blood spells and immediately learn Blood Rage after a short while into V Rising.

Chaos Volley – Chaos Magic

  • Launch two Chaos Bolts in a sequence that deals 110% magic damage and inflicts ignite.

Chaos Volley is one of the coolest crowd-clearing spells that players can obtain early into the game. It’s a projectile spell where the caster throws two bolts of chaos magic that deal decent damage and ignite the targeted enemy. The initial damage isn’t what makes Chaos Volley good, but the status effect it applies. Ignite deals damage over time and burns the enemy slowly. You can use this spell with abilities like Frost Bat to slow down your enemy’s movement and slowly kill them. Speaking of killing, you can eliminate Lidia the Chaos Archer in Farbane Woods to earn one one-tier chaos spell point to learn Chaos Volley.

All of these spells are incredibly good early on and will give you an edge over enemies you face in Farbane Woods. Eventually, as you traverse Vardoran and beat more bosses, you’ll unlock better spells, or maybe you’ll upgrade some of the ones you already learned. Either way, we’re sure these recommended options will help you get far enough to reach that point.

But that’s pretty much it when it comes to the best starting spells in V Rising. For more guidance, feel free to read some of our guides on different topics about V Rising like how to get Gem Dust or how to unlock the new Spider Form in-game.

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