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How to Get Gem Dust in V Rising

Shiny gems.

If the time has come for you to craft your first Castle Waygate and you have no clue how to obtain more Gem Dust to build the structure, we’ve got all the answers you need. Here’s how to obtain Gem Dust in V Rising and a list of stuff you can do with the sparkly dust in-game.

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How to Obtain Gem Dust in V Rising

Like similar items, Gem Dust can be acquired by grinding down various gems through the Grinder construct. You can build the Grinder after completing the quest titled Fortify. The recipe requires 8 Plank, 4 Copper Ingots, and 4 Whetstones to build the Grinder. You can use gems of all types and sizes, ranging from crude to regular to flawless. But note that the larger the gem, the more dust you’ll get out of it with flawless gems providing the most dust.

On top of that, you can also acquire Gem Dust by salvaging special jewels like Blood Jewel Tier 1 or Unholy Jewel Tier 2 through The Devourer construct. You can build The Devourer once you’ve defeated Lidia the Chaos Archer in Farbane Woods and acquired the recipe from the boss. To build this construct, you’ll need 12 Plank and 6 Copper Ingots. After building The Devourer, you can salvage whatever special jewels you want and the construct will break down those items into standard gems of different sizes depending on the tier of the jewel and a bunch of Gem Dust.

Best Way to Use Gem Dust in V Rising

You can use Gem Dust for a variety of things like crafting Gem Bags, Castle Keys, Gem Cutting Tables, Jewelcrafting Tables, and many more handy-dandy stuff. But you’ll most likely be using them to build your first Castle Waygate early into the game. You’ll need 100 Blood Essence, 20 Gem Dust, 12 Stone Brick, and 4 Grave Dust to build a Castle Waygate. Castle Waygates allow you to teleport to and from other waygates across Vardoran.

That’s pretty much everything you need to know about farming Gem Dust in V Rising. Feel free to read our other guides on how to get Longbows or unlock the Spider Form in V Rising.

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