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Best Skills for Chloe in Fire Emblem Engage

Give this woman a Lance and an Axe and she'll make mince out of her enemies

by Daphne Fama

Chloe is the winged knight that’s swooped in and caught the hearts of countless simps players, and for good reason. She’s adorable, charming, and an extremely useful unit throughout the vast majority of the game. But did you know that it’s possible to make her even better? Here are the best skills you should give Chloe in Fire Emblem Engage.

Best Skills for Chloe in Fire Emblem Engage

The skills you intend to use with Chloe will directly reflect what class you choose to promote her to. We delve deep into why her ideal build is the Griffin Knight in the related link below. Chloe, with her stat spread, favors high mobility, high Avoid, and follow-up attack opportunities. But her low strength and magic mean that she’s primarily a unit meant to support others, either in finishing up a kill or healing.

The recommended skills below emphasize that utility. They are:

  • Break Defenses (Emblem Ring Marth Leve 3): If unit’s attack breaks foe, unit makes an extra attack at 50% damage.
  • Canter+ (Emblem Ring Sigurd, Level 13): Unit can move 3 spaces after acting.
  • Divine Pulse (Emblem Ring Byleth, Level 1): May turn a missed attack into a hit. Trigger% =30. Chance increases with high Lck.
  • Lance Power 5 (Emblem Ring Sigurd, Level 18): Grants Atk+10 at a cost of Avo-10 when using a lance.

You might notice a reoccurring theme with these skills: movement and follow-up attacks. Chloe, as a Griffin Knight, has naturally high movement, which can allow her to move across the field and reach any of her allies… or enemies. But Canter allows her to retreat to relative safety.

Divine Pulse ensures that she can hit the attack she sacrificed her position for, and Lance Power is there to make up for her middling strength.

Break Defense takes advantage of Chloe’s two proficiencies: Lance and Axe. She’s capable of breaking 2 out of three units in the weapon triangle, and Break Defense ensures that she can make the most of the situation.

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And as you can tell by her Skills, Sigurd and Marth are natural Rings to equip her with. But if other units occupy them, Emblem Ring Lyn isn’t a bad option either, as it will further increase Chloe’s speed.

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