Best Shotguns in MW3 Listed

Here are the best Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III shotguns players can use in the beta.

The Modern Warfare III beta is shaking the Call of Duty world, as everyone is flocking to the game before it shuts down on October 16. With the beta comes various different weapons that players can use. Some of these guns are new, some old. So, out of all the weapons in the game, which specific Shotguns are the best in MW3?

Shotguns in MW3: Which are the Best?

The MW3 beta is absolutely huge right now. The entirety of the Call of Duty community is currently exploring the new game, getting a taste of what is to come this November.

Notoriously, the Shotguns in MW3 are making some heavy statements, and people are already deciding which ones are the best.

Currently, there are only two Shotguns within the game, but only ONE of them can be considered the best.


Screenshot via Prima Games.

Even without any attachments, the Riveter easily wins as the best shotgun in the MW3 beta. Obviously, there will be more shotguns in the game once it releases, but for now, every shotgun user is sticking with the Riveter.

The weapon not only has a great fire rate, but its range is immaculate. Put a few attachments on the gun, and you have quite the heavy hitter.

The Riveter may be the best shotgun, but what is its rival in the MW3 beta?

Lockwood 680

Screenshot via Prima Games.

The Lockwood 680 is the only shotgun alternative to the Riveter. This weapon is decent, but with the Riveter in the game, it is almost useless.

Regardless, enjoy both of these unique weapons when playing the MW3 beta.

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