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Best Resonator to Pull in Wuthering Waves

Good luck pulling!

Wuthering Waves patch 1.0 introduces a lot of interesting characters to pull from the game’s gacha banners, but only a few of them are worth the resources and time. Here’s the best Resonator you can focus on pulling in Wuthering Waves, and some additional options.

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Best Character to Pull in Wuthering Waves

There are three character banners in Wuthering Waves patch 1.0 that you can personally pull from, but out of all the five-star characters available, only three of them are actually worth it. The first and most obvious choice and probably the best character to focus on pulling is Jiyan.

Known as one of the best damage-dealing broadsword users and the best Aero-damage-dishing character, Jiyan is a force to be reckoned with. Jiyan’s dashing and slicing ability kit makes him perfect for one-on-one battles since his targeted damage is incredibly high. Considering that Jiyan’s best-in-slot weapon, Verdant Summit, is available in the event weapon banner as well, this is the perfect time to pull for him. If you’re planning on playing for weeks or maybe you’re loaded with cash, rolling for Jiyan and possibly his featured weapon will make you an unstoppable force.

Other options for pulling are Verina and Calcharo. Verina is great at healing allies and keeping the team alive. She’s great for early-game questing or late-game boss fights and will always have your back. Calcharo is near-equally good, but he’s more of a damage-dealing character than a support. If you can’t afford to pull for Jiyan, then Calcharo is your next best bet. His explosive swings of Electro damage will obliterate enemies and smash down even the strongest foes.

Any of these three characters will get you far in Wuthering Waves. Thankfully enough, if you’ve already pre-registered and plan on playing for the next few weeks, you should be able to obtain one or even two of these five-star characters with ease. Wuthering Waves is incredibly generous at the moment thanks to its recent launch, so you shouldn’t find pulling for these characters to be impossible. Good luck, Rover!

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