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Best PS4 Accessories for the Holidays

by Ginny Woo

Sure, we’ve got Halloween just lurking around the corner but plenty of us are looking forward to the next big seasonal event already. Oh, wait, did we say seasonal event? Sorry, we’ve clearly been spending too much time in the Festival of the Lost. Unfortunately, bounties in Destiny 2 aren’t going to fill those Christmas stockings. Check out our list of the best PS4 accessories to give your loved ones these holidays. If you’re from a Nintendo family, then our rundown of the best Switch accessories might also pique your interest.

Best PS4 Accessories for the Holidays – PowerA Dualshock 4 Charging Station

This one is pretty much a no-brainer. Anyone who has a modicum of experience with a PS4 knows that the battery life on the regular controllers could be, well, better. Most of us have shelled out for alternative controllers, especially some sweet custom ones. However, that doesn’t eliminate the main problem – they all need to be charged. Enter the PowerA Dualshock 4 Charging Station, which will let you charge your controllers two at a time, and it’s a nice sleek addition to your workstation. You can get the PowerA Dualshock 4 Charging Station on Amazon here

Best PS4 Accessories for the Holidays – Evil Controllers Totally Customized PS4 Controller

Speaking of controllers, you can pick up an Evil Controllers Totally Customized PS4 Controller if you want to be the talk of the town. Regular Dualshock ones not cutting it? You’re not alone, and these are some of the best custom ones that money can buy. You can tweak every bit of your chosen controller, including the grips, enhancements like hairpin triggers, and of course, you can get rad custom colorways for absolutely every aspect of it. The only limit is your wallet. You can order a Evil Controllers Totally Customized PS4 Controller from their online store here.

Best PS4 Accessories for the Holidays – Seagate 2TB Game Drive for PS4

*slaps PS4* this bad boy can’t actually fit that many games into it! Don’t worry, that’s where external hard drives come in handy. If you’re a fan of big titles like Final Fantasy XIV, NieR Automata, and pretty much any other AAA game coming out this year, then you’ll need the extra space. Check out this Seagate 2TB Game Drive which you can plug and play, so that you don’t have to ever delete anything on your actual console because what even is inventory management? We don’t know her. You can get this Seagate 2TB Game Drive from Amazon here

Best PS4 Accessories for the Holidays – PSVR

Sure, owning a PS4 is cool, but if you really want to level up your experience then you want a PSVR. VR is the next frontier of gaming, and think about all the cool titles that you can experience that are exclusive to PSVR? This makes it easy for you to completely immerse yourself from the comfort of whichever room in your home holds your trusty PlayStation, and it’s easy to set up. You can get a PSVR on Amazon here

Best PS4 Accessories for the Holidays – PSVR Aim Controller

A little intimidated by how different VR can be? Not quite sure that you’ve got it right, or wrestling a little with things like positioning or getting immersed? You might want to check out the PSVR Aim Controller, which aims to make it easier for you to take down enemies when you’re wanting to shoot your way through a problem. Complete with vibrating feedback, this feels incredibly satisfying to play with. You can get a PSVR Aim Controller from Amazon here

Best PS4 Accessories for the Holidays – HyperX Cloud Flight

Consider yourself a fan of multiplayer games? You’re probably going to need a headset if you don’t want to just sit there in silence while your teammates flame you for not pushing the cart in Eichenwalde because you’ve just been sniped by Widowmaker for the second time in as many minutes. The HyperX Cloud Flight gives you the freedom of all wireless headsets, with a robust battery life and easy use with all systems including, you guessed it, the PS4. You can get a HyperX Cloud Flight headset from Amazon here

Best PS4 Accessories for the Holidays – Razer Panthera Evo

Maybe fighting games are more your speed. Maybe you’d even consider yourself a fighting game fanatic. Well, you’re in luck. You can’t go wrong with the Razer Panthera Evo, which is an arcade fight stick that is completely mod capable and built specifically for use with the PS4. It’s got a real sick color scheme too, even if it isn’t quite the royal blue of the PlayStation home menu. You can get a Razer Panthera Evo from Amazon here

Best PS4 Accessories for the Holidays – Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 Pro

Marvel’s Spider-Man was a real triumph on release, heralding a fresh new direction for a game franchise that had been plagued with, well, some missteps. With that flash new game, came a limited edition Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 Pro that would absolutely be worth getting a radioactive spider bite for. The sleek red with the spider stenciling is immediately recognizable, and it makes for a great statement piece in anyone’s console collection. If you’ve been rocking a launch-year PS4, you might wanna consider upgrading to the Pro with this bad boy. You can get a Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 Pro from Amazon here

Best PS4 Accessories for the Holidays – PS Plus 12-month Subscription

Of course, your PS4 experience wouldn’t be complete without a PS Plus 12-month subscription. Whether it’s being badgered to death by people in co-op multiplayer games, just wanting a chance to get cool deals ahead of time or to trial the month’s offerings, PS Plus is incredibly useful to have which is why we’ve put it on this list as a must-have. No point getting someone a turkey without trimmings! You can buy 12-months of a PS Plus subscription from Amazon here

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