It’s one thing to pick the best team in FIFA 16, but unless you know who the greatest players are, you may have trouble on the pitch. Fortunately we dug into EA Sports’ feature-packed and gorgeous sports game to cherry pick the most talented superstars in football. 

10. David Silva - Manchester City and Andrés Iniesta - FC Barcelona 

We begin the countdown with a tie for the tenth spot because choosing one of these players resulted in a heated debate that shut down production for too long, hence the compromise. Select either of these players and you’ll control the midfield. Silver and Iniesta possess FIFA passer ratings of 90 and 89, respectively, and you’ll have little trouble sending the ball through traffic via precision passes for big-time scoring chances. Additionally, Silva’s overall rank of 88 is his highest in a FIFA game, which only proves hard work pays off, even virtually. 

9. Thiago Silva - Paris Saint-Germain (Brazilian National Team) 

Because EA Sports improved the defense in FIFA 16, it gives the dominant Thiago Silva a chance to shine for both PSG and Brazil. Yes, defenders have new AI that allows them to see scoring plays unfolding and then shut down the opposing side (fast-moving players like Gareth Bale won’t lose their defenders to easily), but at the end of the day Silva is the highest ranked defensemen in FIFA, so you stand a much higher chance of forcing turnovers to create scoring opportunities for your club. 

8. Eden Hazard - Chelsea FC (Belgian National Team) 

Hazard does beautiful things on the pitch with 92 Dribbling, 84 Passing, 90 Pace and 82 shooting numbers, making him one of the most well-rounded players in FIFA 16. His ability to make game-changing plays means you should feed him the ball early and often. Some gamers take issue with his four-star special moves from his weak foot, pleading with EA to make them even higher, but a five-star Hazard would be unstoppable. It’s a video game, but come on! 

7. Neymar Jr. - FC Barcelona (Brazilian National Team)

Speaking of five-stars, you’ll find exactly this with Neymar’s weak foot and skill move ratings. Expert dribbling allows him to create scoring chances for his teammates, perfect for Brazil’s tiki-taka play style which results in short passes that puts defensemen out of position. 

6. Zlatan Ibrahimović - Paris Saint-Germain 

Although he stands a massive 6’5’’ tall, the imposing Ibrahimović manages to keep the ball away from much smaller (and pesky) defenders. He uses his large frame to power through tight spaces, giving him open shots on goal.  Without question one of the best strikers you’ll see in FIFA 16. 

5. Arjen Robben - FC Bayern München (Netherlands National Team) 

The talented Dutch national excels at making precision crosses to keep the defense guessing. On top of that, he’s capable of entering the box from the right and then score with left-foot shots.  Use the two-man game with Robben, quickly passing the ball between him and his teammate. You should get plenty of scoring chances. 

4. Luis Suárez - FC Barcelona (Argentinian National Team)

He is one of football’s bad boys, but there’s no denying Suárez’s talent and overall 90 rating in FIFA 16. Along with his FC Barcelona teammates, you should be able to score at will, so don’t hesitate to control Suárez and the rest of the squad that took home the Champions League crown. 

3. Manuel Neuer - FC Bayern München (German National Team)

Meet the best goalkeeper in football and FIFA 16. Neuer instantly changes games with his hands, easily deflecting shots other goalies would miss. If you value defense over shocking offense, he is the best person to lock down the net. 

2. Cristiano Ronaldo – Real Madrid FC (Portugal National Team) 

Now it’s time to debate who the best football player in the world is, and according to FIFA, Ronaldo is number two, but don’t take this the wrong way. He comes with a godly 93 rating. In addition to shooting with either foot, his insane speed lets him break free and zip across the field. He’s basically a goal-scoring machine.

1. Lionel Messi – FC Barcelona (Argentinian National Team)

Granted, Messi is the FIFA 16 cover star, but EA made him number one (with a 94 rating) for what he does on the pitch. No one can guard this guy, as Messi relies on his quick feet to easily weave through traffic. Of course, it helps that he plays with the finest supporting cast in the sport. 

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