Best Place to Find a Gun and Ammunition in H1Z1

Tired of being robbed and murdered by bandits? Arm yourself with guns and ammunition.

Although the uninformed and completely false popular opinion is that you can buy guns from airdrops in H1Z1, things aren’t exactly that straightforward. In fact, if the only reason you’re calling in said airdrop is to try and get a weapon, we can think of several other ways that you’d be better off spending a few bucks.

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No, airdrops only contain a small chance of having a weapon in them, and you only stand a small chance of being the one to retrieve the drop. Mix all those facts and details together and what you’re left with is a foolish plan to throw some money away. You’d likely have more success just trying to kill the people who call in the airdrops, or even following a bit of our advice on some of the other ways you can find a weapon.

The Police Station

Your best bet to find a weapon is likely to head to the Pleasant Valley Police Station. The town itself is the furthest one in the northwest section of the map, although there are other towns further up north if you head to the east. Unfortunately, they do not have a police station. In fact, the cop shop in Pleasant Valley is the only one in all of H1Z1 so far.

That’s the problem with this tip – it’s likely that by the time you get there all the guns will have been snatched up already. Either that, or you’ll find yourself in a PvP (player versus player) battle for looting rights. If that’s the case, we worry for your safety since you reading this is a good indication you need a weapon. Still, if you want a gun, especially one that falls into the assault category, this is one of your best options.

Embrace the Loot Grind

Finding a gun in H1Z1 isn’t actually that hard. If you take the time to loot every house, store or structure that you come across, you’ll eventually find something. The key here (at least as of right now) is that you are unlikely to find them in drawers and cabinets, such as the ones found in bedrooms or office buildings. Instead, focus your house to house looting on things like kitchen counters, bathtubs and even in the backs of trucks as you travel about. There’s also a sneaky little rumor going around that shotguns can be found under cash registers, although we have yet to personally confirm this.

How to Find Ammunition

The chances of finding a gun and ammunition in the same place is slim to none. Ammo is even more rare than the weapons they fit inside, but there are some things you can do.

First, make sure that you pick up all ammunition that you come across. This will ensure that when you do find a weapon you’ll have a better chance of being able to load it, or you can trade your shells with a friend to get the ammo you actually need.

Once again the main problem is that ammunition can spawn everywhere, but there is one particular place it will show up that most people aren’t very aware of so far, and that’s the dead bodies of the zombies you kill. That’s right, farming zombies is actually the most productive way to find ammunition. To do this, spend some time taking out zombies with your Makeshift or Wooden Bow, then cut up their bodies with a sharp object. This will occasionally give you a loot bag, and those bags can have a few bullets in them. Is it a perfect system? No, but it’s a lot better than spending several hours looting through houses and risking death.

For a handy little tutorial on what we just covered, be sure to check out the video below by YouTube commentator, Vuxxy.

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