Pokémon GO Halloween Cup – Best Picks for Both Leagues

Pick your poison.

Halloween Cup 2022
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The second part of the Pokémon GO Halloween Event has just begun in 2022 and there is still plenty of time to jump into the GO Battle League with your spookiest picks. Every year, these events are expected to appear and themed cups are the perfect way for PvP players to get involved in the action.

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Some cups in the GO Battle League will implement strict rules, but this version will simply allow certain types that follow the haunted theme of the month. Along with the type restrictions, there are two different CP ranks that can be played so options are far more versatile in the community. Our guide will give you plenty of options to utilize in your own Pokémon GO Battle League matches.

Best Picks for the Great and Ultra League – Pokémon GO Halloween Cup

When you jump into the Halloween Cup, regardless of CP, you can only choose from a select set of types. These include Bug, Fairy, Ghost, Dark, and Poison-type Pokémon for your team. At the moment, the Ultra League is live, so the 2,500 CP Pokémon will be prioritized. But below you can find eight fantastic options for a team in either league.

Halloween Cup Ultra League Picks Pokémon GO

  • Genesect Chill – Fury (Fast Attack) and Magnet Bomb / Techno Blast (Charged Attack)
  • Skuntank XL – Poison Jab (Fast Attack) and Crunch / Flamethrower (Charged Attack)
  • Giratina – Dragon Breath (Fast Attack) and Dragon Claw / Ancient Power (Charged Attack)
  • Tentacruel XL – Poison Jab (Fast Attack) and Scald / Sludge Wave (Charged Attack)
  • Nidoqueen XL – Poison Jab (Fast Attack) and Poison Fang / Earth Power (Charged Attack)
  • Nihilego – Poison Jab (Fast Attack) and Rock Slide / Sludge Bomb (Charged Attack)
  • Galarian Weezing – Fairy Wind (Fast Attack) and Play Rough / Overheat (Charged Attack)
  • Forretress XL – Bug Bite (Fast Attack) and Mirror Shot and Earthquake (Charged Attack)

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Halloween Cup Great League Picks Pokémon GO

  • Nidoqueen – Poison Jab (Fast Attack) and Poison Fang / Earthquake (Charged Attack)
  • Froslass – Powder Snow (Fast Attack) and Avalanche / Shadow Ball (Charged Attack)
  • Golbat – Wing Attack (Fast Attack) and Poison Fang / Shadow Ball (Charged Attack)
  • Toxapex – Poison Jab (Fast Attack) and Brine / Sludge Wave (Charged Attack)
  • Azumarill XL – Bubble (Fast Attack) and Ice Beam / Play Rough (Charged Attack)
  • Mandibuzz – Air Slash (Fast Attack) and Aerial Ace / Foul Play (Charged Attack)
  • Galarian Weezing – Fairy Wind (Fast Attack) and Overheat / Sludge (Charged Attack)

After choosing any of these Pokémon for your team, it’s important to make sure you have most of the same moves you see listed here. Pair those moves with a good team comp that contains leads and closers. Within no time, you’ll earn as many wins as you want in the Pokémon GO Halloween Cup.

And that’s all. For more of the latest news, updates, and guides, head over to the dedicated Pokémon GO section of our site.

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