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Best Free Apps to Use with Pokemon Go

by Bryan Dawson

Pokemon Go by itself is a great app, but we’ve got some advice on the best mobile apps you should use while playing Pokemon Go. These apps will help you keep your phone on while also conserving battery life and make egg hatching just a little bit easier. You can certainly play Pokemon Go without all of these additional apps, but with these recommendations you’ll get even more out of your time playing the game. You can search for all of these apps in the Google Play store for Android phones.

Keep Screen On

This free app allows you to prevent your phone from going to sleep. While your battery consumption will increase (more on that in a moment), your GPS will never go off, which means you will be able to hatch eggs a little easier since every step that can count, will count. It’s a good idea to check on your phone periodically while it’s in your pocket, just to make sure you haven’t accidentally tapped something you shouldn’t have, but otherwise this is a great addition to your Pokemon Go experience.

DigiHud Speedometer

When playing Pokemno Go, if you go any faster than 6 mph it won’t count your Trainer as walking. This makes it difficult to hatch eggs while you’re riding a bike or using some other form of transportation that isn’t simply walking. DigiHud Speedometer allows for an overlay of a speedometer so you can quickly and accurately determine exactly how fast you’re going. Keep your speed under 6 mph to ensure every step counts.

GO Extender

With this app you can turn your screen off without your phone going to sleep and without the GPS turning off. The main issue with trying to hatch eggs in Pokemon Go is that leaving your screen on drains your battery. We’ve covered some options to help conserve your battery life, but with this app you can turn off the display on your phone while still keeping everything else on and active.


While not an app available in the Play store, you can find it on Reddit and install the app no your phone. This app scans the screen when you’re playing Pokemon Go, and quickly checks the Individual Value (IV) of your Pokemon. Be sure to check out our guide on IV so you know exactly what you’re getting with this app, but it’s very helpful to know the IV of your Pokemon when you’re planning to attack a gym.

We’ll have more on Pokemon Go in the coming months as Niantic adds more features to the app with regular updates.

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