Best EX Skills in Octopath Traveler 2 EX Skills Tier List

Best EX Skills in Octopath Traveler 2: EX Skills Tier List

The most useful EX Skills ranked

The sequel to Square Enix’s 2D-HD stylized JRPG brought us a brand new world and eight new protagonists. Each of the characters in Octopath Traveler II has a different starting story but also has a unique starting class. Only later during the game is it possible to add a second job and mix them between the characters. However, powerful EX Skills remain exclusive to their core characters and their primary class.

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Each character has two EX Skills – the first is usually unlocked close to the beginning of the game, while the second can only be added when you finish the main story with a certain character. It sounds like a lot of work, because it is, and that’s why we’ve created our tier list of all the EX Skills in the game to help you decide which one to unlock first.

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Best EX Skills in Octopath Traveler 2: EX Skills Tier List

Look below for the top 10 best EX Skills in Octopath Traveler 2, sorted from the very good to the best in the game (in our opinion):

10. Song Of Hope (Agnea) – Dancer’s first EX Skill, extends the buff time for the whole party.
9. Negotiate Schedule (Partitio) – Unlocked by finishing Merchant’s story, can convince the enemy to lose their turn.
8. Windy Refrain (Agnea) – Unlocked by finishing Dancer’s story, massive Wind damage to all enemies, and Initiative boost to the party.
7. Teach (Osvald) – Scholar’s first EX Skill, transfers all of his buffs to another character.
6. Shinjumonjigiri (Hikari) – Unlocked by finishing Warrior’s story, powerful sword attack on all enemies, followed by one additional attack on a single foe.
5. Indomitable Beast (Ochette) – Unlocked by finishing Hunter’s story, boosts her Speed, Evasion, and Physical Attack.
4. Remedy (Castti) – Unlocked by finishing Apothecary’s story, gives a party member a random number (up to 9) of good status effects
3. One True Magic (Osvald) – Unlocked by finishing Scholar’s story, powerful magic that overrides any elemental defenses and breaks Shield Points.
2. Veil Of Darkness (Throne) – Unlocked by finishing Thief’s story, deals an enormous amount of Dark damage to all enemies with a bonus 100% evasion on the next physical attack.
1. Heavenly Shine (Temenos) – Ceric’s first EX Skills, Light-based nuclear attacks that consume a lot of SP.

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