Best Enchantments for Boots in Minecraft

Best Enchantments for Boots in Minecraft (2023)

Protection will always be among the best, let's be honest

Minecraft boot enchantments often get overlooked, but specific effects cater to critical situations. While prioritizing chestplate or leggings enchantments is common, exclusive boot enchantments can be game-changers. Discover the best boot enchantments in Minecraft to enhance your gameplay—protection, unbreaking, and unique effects that might just save you.

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Best Enchantments for Boots in Minecraft (2023)

There are 13 total enchantments you can have on boots, including two curses that have mostly negative effects. While every enchantment is helpful in some way, there are six main ones you’ll want to focus on:

1. Mending

One of the best enchantments out there for any equipment type is mending. As you collect XP orbs, some of the XP will absorb into your armor, tools and weapons, restoring their durability. Experience orbs collected from any source will repair items with Mending in the player’s main hand, offhand, or armor slots that are not at maximum durability. In other words, it has the potential to give you infinite durability. This is why we recommend utilizing a mob farm to mend your equipment.

If that sounds overpowered, that’s because it is. The only downside is you can’t get it from an enchanting table and have to trade with librarian villagers or find enchanted books in treasure chests.

2. Protection

The Protection enchantment enhances armor, providing additional damage reduction. Protection lessens damage from all sources, except hunger, a warden’s sonic boom attack, and the void. Notably, it mitigates damage from sources that typically bypass the user’s armor value, such as falling or magical damage from status effects.

When we think of overpowered enchantments, Protection is probably the first, alongside mending, to come to mind. While, again, having this on chestplates or leggings has a greater effect than boots, it’s still an incredibly helpful enchantment if you’re frequently in combat, especially against other players or powerful monsters.

3. Unbreaking 3

Unbreaking is an enchantment that provides an item with a chance to resist durability reduction when used, effectively enhancing the item’s overall durability.

Combining Unbreaking 3 with Mending creates a powerful duo that can’t be overlooked. If you don’t have access to mending, having Unbreaking on your boots will help decrease how much durability you lose over time, meaning you won’t have to spend as many resources fixing or replacing them. Once you add mending to the mix, you pretty much have a near-unstoppable pair of boots that’ll probably last you forever, even if you’re not actively farming for XP, just because Unbreaking saves your durability.

4. Feather Falling 4

Feather Falling is one of the most essential Minecraft boot enchantments. Feather Falling lessens all types of fall damage, including scenarios where fall damage typically bypasses armor protection. It extends beyond falls from heights, encompassing damage reduction from thrown ender pearls or descending on a mob experiencing substantial fall damage. While it mitigates damage from elytra landings, Feather Falling does not diminish damage incurred from crashing into a wall.

Acquiring Feather Falling at level 30 through an enchanting table is quite rare, with only a 2.7% chance for Feather Falling 4 on diamond boots. However, this enchantment is more commonly found at slightly lower enchantment levels than 30 on the enchanting table.

5. Depth Strider 3

Depth Strider is a boot enchantment that boosts speed when moving underwater.

Since we can already swim pretty quickly in water, it’s initially hard to consider this particularly helpful. However, similar to feather falling, there are so many situations where we almost (or do) drown while navigating ocean monuments, caves, and other underwater areas that being able to swim to the surface faster is very useful. While we wouldn’t say this is more helpful than mending or protection, it’s certainly worthwhile if you plan on diving underwater for diamond mining and think you may need the speed boost.

6. Thorns 3

Thorns is a boot enchantment that inflicts damage on attackers when they harm the wearer.

Thorns 3 boots are an effective deterrent against hostile entities. This enchantment is particularly valuable in combat situations, as it punishes assailants and adds an extra layer of protection to the player’s armor set. However, Thorns 3 can be a detriment if you’re trying to lure hostile mobs into farms, as your Thorns enchantments will decrease the likelihood of the mob you need arriving alive.

Other Helpful Boot Enchantments in Minecraft?

As I briefly mentioned before, there are other enchantments you can get on your boots that can help you out in specific situations. While some, like blast and fire protection, are overshadowed by the regular protection enchantment, they’re still good in scenarios where you’re expecting to deal with these hazards often.

You can even say the same with the two curses. While not being able to remove your armor is annoying, the curse of vanishing is pretty fun when you’re fighting another player and know that if you lose the fight, they won’t get your OP boots.

With all that out of the way, below are some of the other enchantments you can get on your boots in Minecraft:

  • Blast Protection 4.
  • Fire Protection 4.
  • Frost Walker.
  • Projectile Protection 4.
  • Soul Speed 3.
  • Curse of Binding.

Minecraft is available on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and mobile devices through the official website. For more information about the game, check out How to Make a Chest in Minecraft and How to Make Potatoes in Minecraft.

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