Best Characters for Prisoner in Deep Confinement Relic Set in Honkai Star Rail

Bleeding, shocking, burning or wind-shearing to death

Star Rail New Relics 1.5

Honkai: Star Rail 1.5 version introduced a new Relic set named Prisoner in Deep Confinement, targeting especially DoT-based characters. And they nailed it perfectly with an incredible set that works for basically every single one of them.

Best Characters for Prisoner in Deep Confinement in Honkai: Star Rail

Prisoner in Deep Confinement is rewarded for completing the Cavern of Corrosion: Path of Darkness in the Fyxestroll Garden area. Each clear gets you a random piece of it or from the Ashblazing Grand Duke set. Prisoner has the following effects:

Pieces EquippedEffect
2-pcATK increases by 12%.
4-pcFor every DoT the target enemy is afflicted with, the wearer will ignore 6%
of its DEF when dealing DMG to it. This effect is valid for a max of 3 DoTs.

If you know a few things about debuffs, you might have an idea of how insane DEF-ignoring effects are. This is one of the best bonuses a character can have on their attacks, and that’s why many non-Quantum characters are 100% viable with a full Brilliant Stars set against Quantum-weak enemies.

In a similar fashion, this set ends up being viable for any main DPS with DoT partners in their team. But certain characters will want to have that ASAP, and you might have a good idea of who I’m talking about.

1 – Kafka

You probably knew that already, but there’s no way I can’t mention her first. Kafka is THE damage-over-time unit in the game (at least for now), and while Sizzling Lightning is quite efficient for her, nothing tops literally ignoring a target’s defense. Prisoner’s just an extra excuse to make her say “boom”.

She can apply two DoTs by herself (counting Break DoT), but pairing her with two more DoT supports (who ideally will also wear this same set) not only guarantees maximum uptime but also increases her own damage when using her Skill and Ultimate.

2 – DoT-Focused Characters

Namely Sampo, Luka, and Guinaifen. They all accompany Kafka in most of her teams depending on the enemy composition and they bring variable utilities to other teams too. They get an even bigger value with this set’s introduction as their damage skyrockets even higher, and they can act as support for any DPS that uses them as an alternative set option. They all should wear those pieces if possible.

3 – Serval

Serval’s not exactly a DoT character, but she does have it in her kit. This gives her a better edge over other characters as she can get some nice damage increases out of it. She’s still not the strongest 4-star around, but she can show you some rock if you give her some of your Critical-Stats Prisoner pieces.

4 – Any Main DPS (with proper set-up)

Just like Genious of Brilliant Stars is situationally good for many characters (especially if you have Silver Wolf), this set strangely works for non-DoT-based units too. All you need is to always have at least two reliable DoT appliers in your team to ignore 12% of the target’s DEF, sometimes 18% if you apply the correct Breaks.

Remember that while those DoT characters should also use the set, your main DPS won’t benefit from it unless they’re using it themselves too. The set is automatically more efficient for non-DoT users than Brilliant Stars is for non-Quantum users, as the 2-piece is always useful. Even Blade, who mostly has HP scalings, also gains a slight benefit from ATK buffs.

Prisoner in Deep Confinement Notable Interactions

Ignoring a target’s defense is great, but it gets even better if said target has little to no defense too. Pela equipped with Resolution Shines as Pearls of Sweat is a very popular combo as she’s able to completely shred a target’s Defense. Silver Wolf does a similar job, so these Nihility characters get even bigger value when her teammates are wearing this Relic set.

A buffer like Asta can be more valuable too as she has some good Break capacity and can also apply Burn with her Basic Attacks. The same can be said for any buffer who can manage to Break and inflict an extra DoT on the target like Tingyun or Bronya.

And as mentioned before, any DPS can reliably use it if they’re placed on the right team. This makes it quite a reliable set, so you shouldn’t sleep on it. Especially if you also have some Follow-up-based characters that could use the other busted set you can farm in this Cavern.

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