Best Builds for Navia in Genshin Impact

Gunbrellas are the most practical weapon ever known to man.
Genshin Impact Navia Build Featured

Navia is the first 5-star Geo character we had in a good while, and she’s a nice breath of fresh air for one of the most underrated elements in Genshin Impact. With huge bursting damage potential and giving new significance to Crystallize reactions, this girl is deadly when built correctly.

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Best Artifact Sets for Navia in Genshin Impact

Navia is a 5-star Geo Claymore character with Atk% scaling. She gets some extra Critical Damage when ascending and you should prioritize some good Critical Rate/Critical Damage ratio for her substats.

1 – Nighttime Whispers in the Echoing Woods

Introduced in the same debut patch as her, this is Navia’s best choice by far. The full 4-piece effect will always be active on her Skill, so your enemies will always feel a good taste of a gunbrella in their mouths.

2 – Golden Troupe

While she cannot take full advantage of the 4-piece effect, the overall bonus can still be really great for her. If you have some good spare pieces from farming for other characters, she’ll do quite well with a full set.

3 – Marechaussee Hunter

Not recommended outside of Furina teams, but it can be her best set thanks to the huge amount of free Critical stats you get from it. Incentivizes some extra on-field time to make use of the 2-piece too.

4 – Atk% + Geo%/Skill DMG%/Atk%

If you just started to build her and have no complete set, using any combination of these 2-piece effects will be fine. The endgame goal is still completing a Nighttime set, but Navia can hold any amalgamation of artifacts as long as they have good enough stats for her.

Preferred Stats:

  • Head: Critical Damage/Rate (according to your substats)
  • Hourglass: Atk%
  • Goblet: Geo DMG%

Substats Priority:

  • Critical Damage = Critical Rate > Atk% > Energy Recharge% > Atk

Best Weapons for Navia in Genshin Impact

As a Claymore user, she has plenty of good options available to her. The best ones are gacha-locked or involve getting a BP, unfortunately.

1 – Verdict

Cute girls and axes are a match made in heaven. Her signature weapon is the best choice you can get her and will automatically fill a lot of her Critical Rate needs, letting you focus more on Critical Damage pieces. The passive is also tailor-made for her, so you can’t go wrong with that.

2 – Beacon of the Reed Sea

Dehya’s signature weapon hasn’t made a comeback since its debut, but if you were one of the lucky few to get it, this is a close second for the best weapon for her for some of the same reasons. Note that the second portion of the passive won’t activate if you’re hit while protected by a shield.

3 – Wolf’s Gravestone

The good ‘n old Standard Banner 5-star Claymore rarely disappoints. While it doesn’t give any Critical stats to its user, its sheer Atk% bonus more than makes up for it, even if you don’t trigger its passive. Good option if you don’t care about aesthetics or aren’t using it on your Diluc anymore.

4 – Serpent Spine

The original BP weapon has always been one of the best choices for many characters, and it synergizes even better with Navia as she’s usually protected by some shield. Despite the lower base Attack, its other benefits will outshine many of the other options and should be the go-to 4-star weapon for her if you happen to buy a Battle Pass.

5 – Prototype Archaic

If none of the other options are available, the very first craftable Claymore is always there to help you. Think of Archaic as a budget Wolf’s Gravestone without the stronger Atk% bonus, but it doesn’t mean that it’s a bad choice. Navia can still hit some big numbers with it as long as long as her artifacts are good enough.

Best Talent Leveling Order for Navia in Genshin Impact

Prioritize leveling her Elemental Skill > Burst > Normal Attacks. Her skill should always be your priority as it’s her main source of damage and can reach tremendous numbers after some investment. Her Burst should follow as while it isn’t as strong, you’ll be using it constantly to trigger as many Crystallize reactions as possible.

Finally, her Normals are quite useful, especially if you’re using her as an on-field DPS. But since most teams prefer a quick swap playstyle, it’s fine if they’re not your main priority.

Best Teams for Navia in Genshin Impact

As a Geo character, Navia automatically has an anti-synergy with Anemo and Dendro characters. While they’re not 100% useless on her teams, there are many better partners for her. She still wants different elements in her party thanks to her second Ascension passive, so bringing generic off-field supports is never a bad choice.

Fischl, Yelan, and Xiangling are good examples of that. Navia can get tons of Crystallize reactions to boost her own skill thanks to multiple other elements being applied. As usual, Bennett is the best healer/buffer as she’s an Atk%-scaling character.

If you don’t plan on giving her much field time, characters like Ayato and Ganyu are also good fits. Swap them in to apply their Bursts and do some rotations, if you want to. When you’re back to Navia, the off-field Burst will help generate lots of Crystallizes. Raiden Shogun also deserves a shoutout, but Navia isn’t energy-hungry enough to justify bringing her.

Geo Resonance is particularly strong for characters like Navia. Bringing another Geo is also great to help make more crystals. Zhongli is the prime choice as his pillar excels at that, but others like Albedo or Ningguang can also help. Gorou, unfortunately, isn’t good with her as she doesn’t have any DEF scalings. The only good buffs he could give her require having three Geos in the party, something Navia wants to avoid.

Furina deserves a special mention. She’s one of the best buffers for Navia as long as you have some other good teamwide healer for the team. But since her prime choices are usually Jean and Baizhu (who have anti-synergy with Navia), you can slot in Kokomi as long as you give her some field time occasionally. Charlotte or Mika can also do the trick if you invest in them a bit.

All in all, Navia has been a great addition to the game so far. She has a frontloaded kit with a lot of damage and synergies that show that Geo is not dead just yet. Hopefully, she’s only the first one of a possible new batch of Geo characters after thing long hiatus, and if they’re just as good as her, the element should stay relevant for long.

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