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Best Builds for Finii in Omega Strikers

How to optimally build Ahten's mischievous trickster

Finii is one of the most recently introduced characters in Omega Strikers and her kit is one of the most versatile to boot. However, she also is one of the trickiest characters to master as her projectile and other abilities work as supports and are meant to catch players unaware rather than existing as fully offensive or defensive tools.

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With a character like Finii, players might be confused as to what Striker Gear and Awakenings would be best for her. After all, there’s so much to consider with a character like her in the field as both a Goalie and as a Forward. This guide aims to let you in on the secret behind her trickiest magic tricks and make the core appear behind the enemy net.

How to Build Finii in Omega Strikers

Finii is a character that relies on catching opponents unaware through her Primary, while her Secondary ability provides a supportive debuff that makes enemies take more damage. Her trickiest ability to master is her Special, which traps enemies and the core in a circle that can explode after a few seconds. That ability can be used to turn the tide on other players!

With this in mind, her playstyle can shift pretty quickly between an aggressive and a supportive one. As such, players can easily build off a character that easily fits these mindsets.

Goalie and Forward Gear

Let’s start by deciding what equipment would be best for Finii as a Goalie. Since she is already a somewhat speedy character on her own, she can do well without the aid of Momentum Boots. Instead, players should opt for Strike Shot as this will provide additional range to Finii’s projectile and also give her an additional projectile to play with to boot.

Meanwhile, the Forward gear that should be placed with Finii is the Siphoning Wand as not only does it restore her Stagger meter gradually, but it also can be used to increase the damage of her projectile and her Secondary attack. Vicious Vambrace can also work but not to the extent of Siphoning Wand as while it does restore Stagger, it doesn’t buff her damage.


Now that we sorted this out, let’s start sorting through each of the Awakenings that will best fit Finii in Omega Strikers. These Awakenings majorly focus on her Special and Secondary as they are the primary source of her supportive capabilities. However, a more aggressive playstyle can be grabbed if you go for Impact-related Awakenings as opposed to ones that buff cooldowns.

High PriorityDeadeye, Missile Propulsion, Perfect Form, Twin Drive, Timeless Creator, Extra Special, Chronoboost
OptionalHotshot, Built Different, Prize Fighter, Cast to Last, Tempo Swing, Heavy Impact
Low PrioritySpark, Stagger, Specialized Training, One-Two Punch

Finii’s playstyle benefits the most from her ranged options so an Awakening like Deadeye, which greatly benefits her damage, will help deal more damage to far-away targets. Twin Drive and Extra Special both focus on having more uses of her supportive skills while the optional stuff is for the players who want to focus on the more offensive side of her kit.

When all is said and done, Finii is a striker like none other with plenty to offer for the meta in Omega Strikers. She’s a unique character with plenty of tricks up her sleeve, and everyone loves her for it.

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