Best Beginner Characters To Use In Foamstars

See which character you should try first in Foamstars.

Unlike other games in its newly developing genre, Foamstars doesn’t allow you to select between a variety of weapons, instead sticking with Characters that have unique skills and weapons. Let’s see who you should try first and foremost.

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Best Characters To Start With in Foamstars

Since there can’t be multiple of the same character in a match of Foamstars, we’ve gone through and selected three characters that are great for beginners to get used to, as each character in the game has their own strengths and weaknesses. No matter if you got it for free or purchased Foamstars, get the best bang for your buck with our help.

Fast and Furious SOA is Great For Beginners

Soa has been heavily used in advertising for Foamstars, and for a great reason — she’s incredibly well-rounded and offers a great starting point for players to get used to the new mechanics that the game brings to the table. She brings these particular skills to the table, as well;

  • Bubble Step
    • Fires a barrage of shots with a nimble flip. Move the left stick for different actions.
  • Spiky Beat
    • Hurls Spiky a long way off. It sticks to the ground or wall where it lands and causes a huge explosion. Hold the button to take aim.
  • Gotta Crush
    • Soa rolls around inside a massive Spiky, blowing away any rivals she bumps into. Taking damage shortens the length of the move.

As the poster child of the game, Soa is going to be one of the most well-balanced characters that the game has to offer from the start. She’s nimble, is smaller than most characters, and most importantly — she’s just really fun to play as. She dual-wields rapid-fire pistols, so you can cover as much ground as needed quickly, and is great to go off solo or work with your team to bring home the Victory.

△GITO Is Basically Sharknado Reincarnated

If you’re a big fan of a Shotgun, then △GITO is going to be the perfect choice for you. As a Close-Range Power Style, △GITO is for those who like to get up close and personal with their enemies, and also brings a variety of unique skills to the table that will help close the gap and bring home a win;

  • Deep Blue Gank
    • Makes △GITO sink under the foam with KIRIM△RU and moves around at high speed while the button is pressed. He leaps out when the button is released.
  • Storm Shot 2EZ
    • Hurls a bubbly exploding shuriken, which can blast away △GITO himself as well as rivals. Hold the button to take aim.
  • THX GG
    • Makes KIRIM△RU grow huge and race off like a torpedo, chasing down nearby rivals.

No matter if you like to play a little dirty, or you just want to get in and blast off some foam at close range, then consider giving △GITO a run for his money. He’s a great member of the team and can come in clutch when things get a little hairy during pivotal moments in the game. Plus, his powers are some of the most fun to use out of all of the characters in Foamstars.

Germophobe Rave Breaker Is A Straight Up Killer

While I may have initially been drawn in by Rave Breaker’s unique look, I was immediately satisfied the moment I tried them out. Harnessing what could only be called a Bubble Flamethrower, Rave Breaker can coat the field quickly, giving your team ample room to move. He also comes equipped with some great skills;

  • Home in the Foam
    • Rave Breaker dives down and moves around under the foam while the button is pressed. When it’s released, he leaps out and trashes the bubbles. Move the left stick for different actions.
  • Decontamination
    • Hurls Roly-Moley, who gets hidden in the foam where they land. When a rival approaches, they explode and wipe out bubbles.
  • The Party’s Over
    • Unleashes a super-powerful Roly-Moley that sucks up surrounding rivals and foam.

Rave Breaker feels the most powerful out of the group so far, and while he may take a bit of time to get used to, the results are absolutely worth it. The first MVP I claimed was when I was using Rave Breaker, as his attacks can be devastating if you nail them just right. Be sure to try him out if you’re not afraid of being up in your opponent’s face during the heat of the moment.

There are a total of eight characters that you can use in Foamstars, so be sure to try them all out before you determine who you’re going to try and main. Check out our section below to learn more about the game, and see if you should pick up the Premium Season Pass to unlock even more cosmetics for your favorite characters.

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