Best An-an Lee Build Guide in Reverse: 1999

Busting ghosts and taking names.

Image of ghost buster An-An Lee in Reverse: 1999.

An-An Lee is one of the best characters in Reverse: 1999 due to her powerful versatility and unique passive skills. If you got lucky and just pulled this 6-star, here’s a guide on the best build for An-An Lee in Reverse: 1999 and a team comp that makes her shine in battle.

An-An Lee Incantations, Portrays, and Insights

On a team, An-An Lee acts primarily as a buffer who can jump between two stances: Break Time and Exorcism Time. These stances will rotate each round once you acquire her first Insight level, allowing you to boost the damage of her attacks or reduce the damage she takes. Moreover, while in the Exorcism Time stance, your furthest right card will receive one star. 

Beyond this rotation, An-An Lee has more to offer. The following lists all of her Incantations, Portrays, and Insights in Reverse: 1999:


  • Scientific Ghost Buster (Ultimate): A mass attack that deals 400% Reality damage to all enemies. Caster enters “Empower Incantation I” status for two rounds, allowing An-An Lee to boost a random Incantation by one level.
  • Taoist Rune: Single-target attack that can deal up to 350% Reality damage and inflict the Daze status for one round, making an enemy unable to act.
  • Lily Nectar: A mass buff to all allies, which can increase their damage dealt by +30% and decrease damage received by -30% for two rounds.


  • Lv. 1: Scientific Ghost Buster’s effect changes to deal 450% Reality damage.
  • Lv. 2: Taoist Rune’s effect changes to: at 1/2/3 stars, deals 220/330/400% Reality damage.
  • Lv. 3: Scientific Ghost Buster’s effect changes to deal 500% Reality damage.
  • Lv. 4: Taoist Rune’s effect changes to: at 1/2/3/stars, deals 240/360/450% Reality damage.
  • Lv. 5: Scientific Ghost Buster’s effect changes to deal 550% Reality damage.


  • Insight I: When a round starts, switch between Break Time and Exorcism Time. When An-An Lee enters Exorcism Time, the right-most Incantation levels by one star.
  • Insight II: Damage dealt +8% when entering battle.
  • Insight III: Enhance Break Time effect to damage taken reduced by +15% and Exorcism Time effect to damage bonus +15% and penetration rate +15%.      
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Best An-An Lee Build in Reverse: 1999

After leveling An-An Lee to max cap, alongside her Portrays and Insights, choosing the right Psychube allows you to build the character further. Players have used Her Second Life, Brave New World, His Bounden Duty, and The Footloose to make An-An Lee a powerful supporter. From that group of Psychubes, I found Brave New World to be the best for her playstyle.

The Psychube will amplify the Incantation Might of her next skill by +40% after using an Ultimate, and due to the nature of her stances, An-An Lee benefits massively from Brave New World to pump out burst damage.    

Reverse: 1999: Best Team Comp for An-An Lee

An-An Lee can fit most teams, especially in groups with characters who are AP greedy and could benefit from her team buffs and randomized Incantation level-up from her Ultimate.

A team made up of An-An Lee, Centurion, Medicine Pocket, and Voyager is one of the best compositions for the supporter. As new characters come to the game, An-An Lee will likely fit better in other team setups, so consider experimenting with different groups in the future.

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