All Upcoming Arcanists Banners in Reverse: 1999 Listed

Is it apt to say we should be looking forward to the past for future banners?

A Nightmare at Green Lake Event Poster in Reverse: 1999
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Reverse: 1999 reveals the Arcanists that will premiere with each update. Whether you’d like to see the character because of their aesthetics, personality, or skill set in battle, here are the upcoming faces you can expect to see on the banner in the next few weeks.

Upcoming Characters in Reverse: 1999 1.2 Update (December 2023)

Tooth Fairy (6-Star)

Our first character to premier in Reverse: 1999’s upcoming banner is Tooth Fairy, a 6-Star. Under the Star Afflatus, most of Tooth Fairy’s damage will be dealt in the Mental Type, though her role as a character is meant to be a healer. Through her Ultimate Bad Tooth, she will even purify allies of any Negative Stats or Status’ once she scores a critical hit on the enemy. Her skills involve mass healing of her allies and debuffing the enemy by dealing Mental Damage and afflicting the target with Confusion. 

Blonney (5-Star)

As a 5-Star, Blonney will likely run alongside Tooth Fairy in the first half of the 1.2 banner. Also part of the Star Afflatus, Blonney deals in Reality damage, a good change for players who may have a lot of characters that deal mostly Mental Damage. Blonney’s role in battle is to be the DPS and utilize her Burst to deal damage to enemies. Pulp Fiction deals Reality Damage to all enemies on the field, while her Skills deal attacks that boost her Crit Rate and Damage. One of them, once combined with similar cards, will evolve to a Debuff card that can afflict enemies with Confusion. 

Jessica (6-Star)

Jessica (or Changeling as she is referred to in the Chinese version of Reverse: 1999) is a 6-Star that we will probably see in the second half of the 1.2 banner. Jessica is of the Plant Afflatus and is a strong Arcanist for Poison and Debuffs. Specializing in Reality Damage, Jessica’s Ultimate deals Reality Damage and Inflicts Poison on all targets for two turns. Her other attacks mostly focus on dealing Reality Damage to one or two enemies with Visit From Friends dealing additional damage if the Target is already inflicted with Debuffs such as Downed Stats, Negative Status, or Control. 

Horropedia (5-Star)

Horropedia is the 5-Star we will likely see alongside Jessica’s run and shares her role in battle as being a Debuffer and Dispeller. His Afflatus will align with Mineral, and to contrast Jessica, his damage actually deals Mental Damage. For his Ultimate, Horropedia deals a mass attack to all enemies and inflicts 1 layer of Fear, which will deal more Mental Damage if attacked. His attacks, such as Dictated by Logic, will dispel enemies with any Stats Up or Buffs, and if they are already at base status, then Snooker Shoot! will deal additional Mental Damage.

Upcoming Banners in the 1.2 Update for Reverse: 1999 (December 2023)

The Fairies Shining at Night – Tooth Fairy Banner

In the first phase of the 1.2 banner, Tooth Fairy will take center phase by increasing her chances for 12/7 through 12/28. Alongside her, 5-Stars Blonney and Bkornblume will be featured on the banner with increased chances of being pulled. This is considered to be one of the limited-run banners, so Tooth Fairy will only be available during this time. The newest character, Blonney, will be added to the 5-Star pool of characters after the 1.2 update has concluded.

Where the Star Alighted – Voyager Banner

Voyager Banner in Reverse: 1999
Image from Reverse: 1999 Official X/Twitter Account

In the first phase of 1.2, Voyager will have an increased chance banner. Although Voyager may belong to the pool of Standard characters, this is a great chance to get the elusive 6-Star at a better rate than you would in the Standard Banner or in the off-chance you lose the 50/50 to another banner. Alongside Voyager will be X and Balloon Party, who will also have increased chances. If you already have these characters, this could be a great chance to improve on their Portrayal. 

The Changeling Awaits – Jessica Banner

In the second phase of the 1.2 banner, Jessica will have her Rates Up from 12/28 through 1/18. On her banner, 5-Star character Horropedia will be making his first appearance, and Necrologist will have her chances of being pulled increased alongside him. This is a great chance to get a new character or further strengthen Necrologist if you already have her and seek to gather more of her Artifice.

Given that the Global Server is behind the Chinese Server, there are many characters to watch for later down the line, but don’t forget about the ones currently on the banner. Head over to this link to check out the current banners that are being featured on Reverse: 1999.

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