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How to Make a Benevolent Grave in Nioh 2

by Nicholas Barth

Nioh 2 offers players the ability to create an NPC version of themselves that can then be called upon by another player to help them fight in their playthrough of the title’s action-packed story. This process is done through the Benevolent Grave. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know to make a Benevolent Grave and allow yourself to aid your fellow players in combat covered for you.

Benevolent Grave Nioh 2

Players can make a Benevolent Grave in the title by using the Righteous Jasper item. This Righteous Jasper item allows players to place one of these graves at any location. Other players can then use this item to summon an NPC version of your character to their side and help them take on any of the powerful enemies that populate the world of this adrenaline-fueled game. 

 Benevolent Grave Nioh 2

The level and equipment that your NPC version will have will be whatever they were for your character when you created the graves. This static nature means graves created later on in your playthrough will be of much more impact than those you create at the beginning where your character is not as strong. 

Ochoko rewards will be given to players when others use their Benevolent Grave. 

There is no doubt that players who utilize this unique mechanic will find a great deal of success when they are traveling through this alternate version of Sengoku-era Japan. 

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