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Battlefield V War in the Pacific Reveal – How to Watch

by Nicholas Barth

Battlefield V is the latest entry in the high-profile first-person shooter franchise, and it will soon be getting a significant piece of content added to its world. Monday, October 21st, saw the official announcement for the upcoming War in the Pacific update for Battlefield V occur. This announcement officially showed players when they would be able to get their first look at what the War in the Pacific update has to offer when its reveal takes place this week. 

Are you curious about when the official reveal for the Battlefield V War Pacific update will be taking place? If so, be sure to check out everything you need to know to watch the highly anticipated event below.

Battlefield V War in the Pacific Reveal

 Players will be able to watch the showcase of the title’s new update on the official youtube channel for the franchise on Wednesday, October 23rd. 

Battlefield V War in the Pacific Reveal

This update will be the fifth chapter in Battlefield V and will see players experience the conflict between the United States and Japan from World War II. A total of three maps that will be added to the game with the arrival of the War in the Pacific update, which includes the highly anticipated Iwo Jima map. There is sure to be plenty of other exciting content shown off when the Battlefield V War in the Pacific reveal takes place on Wednesday, October 23rd. Members of the community are no doubt excited to see what they can look forward to when the next significant piece of content is added to the popular game. 

However, this new update will have plenty of competition when it arrives with the official release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare taking place later this week. 

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