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Battlefield Hardline Tips and Tricks – Rank up Fast

by Prima Games Staff

Battlefield Hardline looks like the best cops versus criminals first-person shooter to come out in quite some time. The game is jam packed with content, including a single-player campaign that allows gamers to use their preferred play-style and approach, as well as a multiplayer component that is bound to be the go-to shooter for Battlefield fans until late 2015.

We’ve been hard at work covering this content from just about every angle we can, starting with our full walkthrough for the single-player campaign, including guides to help players find all of the Evidence and complete each Case File. We even helped gamers locate all the Suspects with Warrants, a concept that falls more into the challenge category, rather than collectible.

We’ll continue our tutorial trend today, but rather than a walkthrough or guide, we’re going to offer our best tips for players who might be new to the multiplayer portion of the Battlefield franchise. The learning curve can be steep, but we’ll help eliminate some of the growing pains.

Earn Cash and Purchase Weapons

In Battlefield Hardline, cash is what players will use to purchase their weapons, gadgets and even attachments for all their guns. This is a new approach to the Battlefield series, as previously, players would unlock equipment based on sequential progression. This time, however, gamers can pick and choose what weapons they want to buy with their hard earned cash, and which ones can collect dust on the store shelf.

The T62 CEW and Interrogating Targets

It’s easy to shoot someone, but it’s much more difficult to sneak up behind them, incapacitating this person and performing an interrogation. That’s probably why it’s such a valuable technique in Battlefield Hardline’s multiplayer modes.

To incapacitate a target, players can either hit them with the T62 CEW stun gun, or use one of the many melee weapons available in the game. Once theiy’re down, perform an interrogation to get them to give up the positions of their teammates, information that will be displayed to your entire team. We don’t need to explain the value of knowing where all of your enemies are in first-person shooter, do we?

The Grappling Hook and Zipline

The Grappling Hook and Zipline, two gadgets that we covered in-depth already, are both fantastic for getting around the map without having to pass through high traffic areas. On top of that, they are both gadgets that can be used in any class, whether it’s the Operator, Mechanic, Enforcer or Professional.

With the Grappling Hook, players can use it to scale the sides of buildings, avoiding the stairwells and doorways that might be covered by an enemy player. When it comes to the Zipline, there is no better way to go from rooftop to street level in about five seconds.

Spotting Enemy Targets and Vehicles

Consider this game concept the major pet peeve of every Battlefield veteran who likes to squad up and play the objective. Well, the fact that people tend to not do it is a pet peeve. The concept itself is solid all the way through.

To spot a target, check the button configuration of your game, as this will differ between the various consoles and the PC platform. Once you know what it is, use that button to tag enemy players and vehicles, showing their locations to your entire team for about five seconds, earning you a cool 25 points. This is particularly effective if you see someone sniping from a rooftop, or even at a distance that you aren’t going to be able to effectively engage them from.

Play the Bleeping Objective

We all (should) know what the actual saying is, and it’s the foundation for the Battlefield franchise. For players looking for a simple Team Deathmatch, we have that mode, and if all you want to do is test your gun skills, we suggest loading that up and staying out of the more objective-based games, such as Heist, Blood Money or Hotwire. Those modes are for players who want to work together with their squad and team.

It shouldn’t take more convincing than that, but for players who wander into the more objective-based modes, for the sake of everything that is good about first-person shooters, play the objective. Trust us when we tell you that’s it’s far more fun, as your team is almost always going to win when more of your players focus on the task at hand, and not simply on how many people they can snipe from their cozy little tent pitched on the rooftops.

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