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Battlefield Hardline Professional Class Guide and Reputation Perks

by Prima Games Staff

Battlefield 4 proved that if you give them the right tools, players will find a way to turn any game mode into Team Deathmatch. While the vertical map design was pretty awesome, the number of snipers sitting on rooftops was probably around 30 percent of your entire team. It got so bad that people started making videos that showed all the groovy ways that campers could be killed.

In Battlefield Hardline, the vertical map design is back, and the Recon class turned into the Professional class. It’s a change in name only, with most of the same functions returning, except for C4 and spawn beacons.

Today we’re going to take an in-depth look at the Professional and all their nifty sniper rifles, just like we’ve done with the Operators and the M16A3, the Mechanic and their SMGs and the Enforcer with their Ammo Box. See? We left no stone unturned.

Professional Class Strengths

Although the Professional class sort of contradicts itself, there are many solid uses for it. On one hand there is the long range capabilities, great for making the other team’s snipers and campers stop sniping and camping, but there’s also the Camera and Laser Tripmine, great for high traffic areas the Professional should avoid. The former can be placed in areas where knowing the enemy’s position is key, like near objectives and whatnot. The latter can be used to protect the Professional from being flanked, or once again to shut down access to high traffic or strategic areas.

The gadgets continue to compliment the weapons well in this class, as the Grappling Hook and Zipline are great tools to access hard to reach areas where a sniper can shine. Of course, it goes without saying that anyone in the Professional class should spot targets for their team.

Professional Class Weaknesses

If used correctly, there aren’t a lot of weaknesses to speak of. True, the Professional can’t take on a vehicle like the Enforcer or Mechanic, but it can engage targets at all ranges. While not ideal, the variety of automatic pistols help to ensure the Professional can defend himself if he ends up flanked or surrounded. Furthermore, the anti-personnel gadgets like the Laser Tripmine and Camera are there to ensure snipers can focus their attention to the front, not having to look over their shoulders all the time.

Professional Class Reputation Perks

The Reputation Perks for the Professional are pretty solid through the first two levels, and we’d suggest going with Fast Climb and Advanced Spot. This will make using the Grappling Hook a little easier, and once in position, spotting targets far more effective. Even the Hold Breath of Level 3 is great for helping with the accuracy when the Professional finally does get situated and start engaging from a distance. Level 4, on the other hand, won’t be used much and doesn’t provide great benefits.

Level 1

  • Fast Climb
  • Reduced Fall

Level 2

  • Advanced Spot
  • Fast Unspot

Level 3

  • Hold Breath
  • Low Profile

Level 4

  • Fast Reload
  • Delayed Trigger

Suggested Class Setup

We’re big fans of being unselfish players, and to us that means not just focusing on kills while we’re a Professional, but also providing intel to our team. This means spotting targets like crazy, and engaging others when the opportunity present itself. Take a look below at how we like to load out as a sniper. Keep in mind you should tweak this to suit your play style, but if you’re looking for a starting point, try this one on for size.

  • Primary: Scout Elite
    • TA 648 [6x]
    • Straight Pull
    • Flash Hider
    • G18C
    • Laser Tripmine
    • Camera
    • M18 Smoke
    • Police Baton/Baseball Bat

Now that you have all the right gear, try some of our other content. If you’re just starting out with Battlefield Hardline, our beginner’s tips are a great way to raise your cash per minute. If you’re returning from other games in the franchise, our Battlefield Hardline tips for advanced players might help you raise that KDR.

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