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Battlefield Hardline Multiplayer Tips for Advanced Gamers

by Prima Games Staff

Battlefield Hardline, like many Battlefield games before it, has a very steep learning curve when it comes to the multiplayer modes. Gamers who take the worst of that learning curve are the ones who are new to the franchise, which is why we took the time to share some multiplayer tips for those starting their cops versus criminals careers.

Today we’re going to shift our focus to the veterans of the series, or even just the new players who want to elevate their games to the highest possible level. In our advanced tips below, we’ll talk about the game concepts, tips and tricks that can help set each player apart from the next. Some of them might be obvious, but all of them are beneficial to becoming the best Battlefield Hardline player you can be.

The Peek and Lean Maneuver

The peek and lean system that first saw action in Battlefield 4 has returned in Battlefield Hardline, and it’s one of the more underutilized game mechanics out there. Far too often players are happy to run blindly around a corner and into a wall of bullets from the enemy team. The peek and lean system helps reduce that amount of deaths players experience while rounding corners, as well as provide them with an effective way to engage the enemy.

To use the peek and lean mechanic, approach the edge of a wall. Gamers will notice that their guns will tilt, indicating that if they aim down sight from their current position they will peek out. Quite frankly, few things are as satisfying as scoring kills with this maneuver.

The Outer Perimeter Maneuver

Look up just about any advanced tips for any first-person shooter and you’re likely to find this one. It’s so very simple, yet few gamers ever seem to put it into practice. Maybe that’s why it’s an advanced technique – it provides easy kills for the few who are willing to adopt this strategy.

Essentially, players want to avoid the middle of the map whenever possible. This is especially true in game modes like Team Deathmatch, where kills are King. In our case, we prefer to stay on the outside, moving in either a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction. As time passes and you become more familiar with each map, you’ll get to know where to post up and look for careless opponents.

The Human Shield Maneuver

This is one of our favorite moves in any first-person shooter. It’s something we refer to as “Operation: Eager Beaver.” Just kidding, but it refers to that wonderful noob on every team who loves to rush forward without a care in the world. Around corners, through doorways, up the middle… it doesn’t matter.

While we hope that person reads our tips, we’re happy to use him or her to improve our own game in the mean time. Think of them like an alarm system, hanging back a short distance and waiting for them to get killed. When this happens, clean up the mess they left behind, using their death as a way to discover the location of the enemy. In fact, there are many uses and adaptations of this move, so have some fun with it and elevate your game using someone else’s misfortune.

The Kill Cam Maneuver

Again, it probably feels like this is fairly obvious, but play enough Battlefield and you’ll quickly realize that it’s anything but. The kill camera is not just a way for players to decide if their deaths were legitimate or garbage, it’s a tool used for both the killer and the victim.

From the perspective of the victim, the kill camera provides the location of the person who caused your death, allowing you to counter-snipe, or track them down and get revenge. It’s basically a means to ensure that players are being honest and moving around.

The person doing the killing should also be mindful of the kill cam, although it’s much easier to forget about this game mechanic when you’re not the one looking at it. Keep in mind at all times, if you kill someone, they know where you are. Your happy little secret spot is no longer a secret, and it’s a good bet that either your victim or their pals are on their way to take you out. Shoot and move, solider.

The Delayed Reload Maneuver

You know how it sucks to get killed while you’re reloading a weapon? Well, that’s your fault most of the time. Players have a habit of getting a kill, then immediately reloading their weapon. This is a bad habit that should be corrected

After scoring a kill, hold off on the reload for a few moments. Make sure the coast is clear and that your dead foe doesn’t have a buddy coming for revenge. If your magazine is nearly empty, switch to your sidearm and get into cover. When you know you’re safe for a moment, take an opportunity to reload your gun. This seems like a no-brainer, but hardly anyone practices this, and it will most certainly lower the amount of deaths you take each round.

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