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Battlefield Hardline Crosshair Game Mode Tips

by Prima Games Staff

The Crosshair game mode in Battlefield Hardline is not for the casual gamer. It requires coordination, smart decision-making and skilled players throughout your entire squad. While it is quite different from the Rescue mode that we discussed recently, the learning curve is about the same. That is to say gamers can expect to get their butts handed to them for a little while, but this experience will make them better players overall.

Of course, there’s more to Battlefield than just the competitive side (although this is great to see), such as the Hotwire game mode that is fantastic for earning cash, or the Heist mode that is a contender for best new mode in the game. Have a look at our tips on both of those if you’re looking to become a more complete Battlefield Hardline player.

How to Win at Crosshair in Battlefield Hardline

Crosshair (like Rescue) will consist of two squads of five, with one team trying to extract a player controlled VIP and the other team trying to stop them. There are two extraction zones, so the side with the VIP can keep their opponents on their toes. If you’re trying to stop the extraction, all you have to do is kill the VIP and you’re done. Of course, both teams can simply eliminate the other to win, and the first team to five wins out of nine possible rounds is the overall victor.

How to Play Crosshair as the VIP

If you’re the team with the VIP or you’re the VIP, the only goal you have is to reach the extraction point without getting killed. Even if every other member of your team falls, the VIP can win the game by successfully extracting before times runs out.

Staying alive is the problem, as the enemy only has to kill the VIP to win the game. For this reason, a good mix of rushing and holding back is a great way to keep your opponents on their toes. For the first round, hang back and see if your team can thin the enemy out a bit, then move up when you have more support. Even if that works, try throwing the enemy a curve ball by quickly moving to the next round, pushing your entire squad to an extraction zone.

Generally speaking, you probably don’t want to lead the charge, as your only weapon will be the Bald Eagle. It will kill most of your enemies with two shots to the chest, but remember, if you die the round is lost.

How to Kill the VIP in Crosshair

Generally speaking, you’re always in the fight so long as you have one player left. Yes, the odds will be against you if your entire team falls (except you) and the VIP and their escorts remain. However, you don’t have to kill five players, but one.

Let’s back up a bit. If you have a full team, be mindful of the extraction zones, but treat this mode like a one life per round version of Team Deathmatch. Kill all your foes before the VIP can extract and you’re the winner. You actually have the easier of the two jobs here, which is why teams will switch sides half way through.

If you are the last player left alive on your team (or even if there is one more), things get a little sketchier, but you can still do something to up your odds. Even if there’s only one or two of you, the other team must extract the VIP to win, so you can now camp the extraction points and try to run out the time. Even if the enemy shows up in force, you only need to eliminate the VIP, so if at all possible target that individual first, even if it means you die. Who cares if you take a death if the trade off is that you win the round? On this side, you are never out of the fight.

Weapons and Gadgets for Crosshair in Battlefield Hardline

This is another instance where you want to think outside the box. For example, the M18 Smoke is one of the most valuable weapons in Crosshair, as the smoke will allow you to extract without worrying about getting picked off. You could even throw it to the extraction zone you don’t plan to use, luring the enemy there while you’re at the other.

When it comes to your guns, you should have suppressors on them all, and the VIP should avoid shooting if possible since the sound of the Bald Eagle can be heard at great distances. Yes, you will take a bit of a penalty in damage output and distance with the suppressor, but staying off the mini-map is one of your biggest keys to victory.

It may sound like we’re a broken record here, but the Zipline and Grappling Hook are amazing options for the team trying to extract. For example, the Zipline can take you from one side of the map to the other in a few seconds, extracting the VIP while the opposing team scrambles to close the distance. Again, with this mode, the possibilities are only limited by your experience and imagination.

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