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Battlefield Hardline Blood Money Game Mode Tips

by Prima Games Staff

Blood Money is a fast paced game that shares similarities with capture the flag, although it is an entirely new game mode to Battlefield Hardline. At first glance it comes off as rather simple, but the more you play, the more you come to realize that some pretty advanced strategies can be used to come out on top. You just have to know what they are and be willing to use them. That’s where we come in.

Of course, Battlefield Hardline is filled with a lot of amazing game modes, like the massively rewarding Hotwire that is great for ranking up, the incredible Heist mode that brings that cops versus criminals feel and the all-new Rescue that is a cautious first step into the competitive side of first-person shooters. Together, these awesome additions make the playable modes one of the strong suits of Visceral Games’ latest shooter.

How to Win at Blood Money

The point of Blood Money is to be the first team to reach 150 pieces of cash stored in your vault. This is done by either taking money from a vault in the middle of the map, or by moving to your opponent’s vault and taking their cash. If you take money from the middle it only adds to your total, as nobody owns these funds yet. If you take money from your opponents, it stalls their progress towards the 150 bundles they need, setting them back a few steps. Of course, they can also steal from your vault, which is where things get sketchy.

Early Strategies for Blood Money

When the round begins, both you and your opponent’s vault will be empty, which means the only way to get cash is by rushing the middle and fighting for what’s in the community pile. Your enemy will do the same, which is where the action comes from. Early on, you should pack the Gas Grenade and Gas Mask, then throw the grenade on and around the pile in order to force your adversary to stay back. The gas won’t hurt your teammates and the Gas Mask will keep you safe. This is a really good strategy to make sure the money pile is yours whenever you’re in the area.

Mid and Late Round Blood Money Strategies

Once your opponent starts to get some cash, the best way to hurt them while helping yourself is to move all the way to their vault with your squad, rob it and then return the money to your own stash. This is complicated by massive gun battles, but you get the idea. If your opponent and you each have 50 piles of cash in your vault, then you steal 20 from them and put it in yours, you’re now up 70-30. The only thing better than making money is ensuring your opponents don’t.

The Escape Plan in Blood Money

You’ve made it to the money pile in the middle, or perhaps you’ve robbed your opponent’s vault, and now you have to get back to your own. The best way to do this is by vehicle, but if that’s not an option (there are none on Bank Job), then the Zipline can be an amazing tool. For example, on maps like Dust Bowl, players can literally set up a Zipline that runs from the middle pile all the way to their vault, lowering the risk that they’ll be killed while making a daring escape.

Adapting and Overcoming Adversity

There are several things that can go wrong in Blood Money, such as your team not putting up enough of a fight at the community money pile, the enemy stealing your cash or even the fact they your opponent is on the verge of winning. The situation in Blood Money changes all the time, and your squad (and team as a whole) must be ready to adapt and overcome. If the enemy steals from you, have your squad stop them. If the enemy isn’t paying attention to the middle pile, load up on a cash run. Essentially, pay attention to detail and ensure that you’re ready for whatever gets thrown at you. That’s the key to winning in Blood Money.

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