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Battlefield Hardline Beta – Hotwire Game Mode Tips

by Prima Games Staff

The Battlefield Hardline beta is upon us, and so far the reports are good. The game play looks to be pretty solid, and the cops versus robbers angle is a fresh perspective on a franchise that has traditionally run wild with the military theme.

Starting today and for the remainder of the week, we here at Prima Games are going to pass along as much strategy as we can gather up regarding Visceral Games’ first Battlefield title. It all begins with a few tips regarding the brand new Hotwire game mode, but there will be plenty more for those that are looking to expand their knowledge.

Shut Up and Drive

The foundation of Hotwire is built on locating marked cars and driving them as fast as possible for as long as players can manage. This is how teams can start to rack up the points and bleed their opponents’ tickets dry. Although players can contribute while not in a vehicle, the fastest path to victory is found behind the wheel, or in the passenger seat while trying to destroy a rival.

The Car Pool Lane

The best way to keep a car on the road (while simultaneously destroying an enemy vehicle) is by loading it up with as many passengers as possible. This allows your team to direct fire onto the opposition, which causes the enemy to turn their efforts from offensive to defensive. Players who drive by themselves are going to have a very difficult time defending their vehicle or taking out rival, two factors that are huge when playing Hotwire.

Not Team Deathmatch

Remember how 40 out of the 64 people playing Conquest Large on Siege of Shanghai in Battlefield 4 would be standing on a skyscraper with a sniper rifle? We do, but that’s not a problem specific to BF4. Players have long turned objective based game modes into Team Deathmatch, and it’s a trend that has to stop. First of all, for those that want to play TDM, just go play it. The effect of lazy teammates is even more potent in Hotwire, however, as players must literally get into vehicles and drive in order to win the game. Stop standing around and get to work!

The Tracking Dart

Long time veterans of the Battlefield franchise might remember this gadget from Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Players can stick this device to an enemy vehicle, causing it to show up on the radar for all their team members to see. It’s a great way to keep track of the movements of the opposition, which in turn will make setting up choke points and ambushes much easier. Oh, it also allows players to lock onto the vehicle with RPGs and other things that blow up, so there’s that.

The Sabotage Trick

We can already tell that this is going to cause more rage quits than an 11 year old phenom playing Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Essentially, a sabotage can be placed on a vehicle, then when someone tries to drive said vehicle it will explode. This is a mean thing to do on any car, let alone a marked car in the Hotwire game mode. Truthfully this is only a beneficial strategy if your team doesn’t need the ride, otherwise it’s just dumb. Funny, but dumb.

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