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Battlefield 4: Top 5 Vehicle Tips

by Prima Games Staff

Check out these Top 5 vehicle tips for Battlefield 4

1. Transport:

The primary role of vehicles is to move troops around the battlefield. As a result, go out of your way to make sure all teammates have a ride before leaving your base or deployment area. Leaving friendly troops behind won’t help your team. So make sure your vehicle is completely filled before moving out.

2. Anti-Vehicle Combat:

When not transporting troops, vehicles are best utilized to combat other vehicles. The rock-paper-scissors approach to Battlefield combat ensures that no one vehicle excels over all others. So when seeking out prey, look for battles you can win and avoid those you can’t.

3. Assault:

Most vehicles are equipped with an array of powerful weapons, perfect for taking ground. But don’t get overconfident. Engineers equipped with mines, rockets, and missiles can ruin your day. So always take a cautious approach when operating in enemy territory. Advancing alongside friendly infantry is strongly advised. And make sure a friendly engineer with a Repair Tool is never far away.

4. Defend:

What makes vehicles perfect for assaults also makes them formidable defenders. Parking a tank or IFV next to an objective serves as a menacing deterrent, making attackers think twice about making a push. But even when holding a static position, vehicles aren’t invincible, so surround them with a reliable group of engineers.

5. Logistics:

In most game modes, vehicles spawn back at your team’s base or deployment zone. Don’t let those vehicles sit there and gather dust. Instead, spawn back at your base and bring the vehicles to the front lines where they can make a difference. For a speedy entrance, spawn directly into waiting vehicles from the deployment screen.

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