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Battlefield 4 Dragon’s Teeth – Lumphini Garden Map Tips, Levolution

by Prima Games Staff

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With Battlefield 4 Premium members now a week into their Dragon’s Teeth DLC experience, players are beginning to get into their groove for each map. But for those who still haven’t tried the maps, or don’t have access to them for another week or so, playing catch up isn’t always fun. With that in mind, we thought we’d finish what we started with Sunken Dragon and Propaganda, and jump on a few best practices when it comes to Lumphini Garden. Heck, even if you tried these maps, you never know when another point of view will change your approach. In other words, please continue reading.

Note: Although we’re not going to focus on one game mode or another, it’s important to be able to landmark some of the areas on Lumphini Garden. For that reason, the map above is of the Conquest Large game mode. Any time we refer to a location by objective, that’s the map you want to reference.

Area of Interest – The River

Our one complaint about Lumphini Garden is that it sometimes seems like an inconvenience to get from one objective to another. The areas around the map are all gorgeous and well sculpted, but running to them can remove you from the frantic infantry based combat that Dragon’s Teeth gives you. At least, that was how we felt until we discovered the river.

On Conquest Large, the river will take you close to any objective, and there are several PWC vehicles that can be commandeered at any given time. Take advantage of this to travel quickly from one point to another, but also keep in mind that the river is a great place to get kills. If you’re an Engineer, drop a few M2 Slams in the water. One kill with those should make your opponent think twice about using this resource to their advantage.

Area of Interest – Levolution and Battlefield 1942 Easter Egg

Once again, we need to reference the river, but even so, our primary focus is going to be the Levolution event, and a cool little Easter egg that sits nearby.

The Levolution on Lumphini Garden isn’t just cool, but it drastically alters the map and how the game plays. In fact, if you ask us, it should be triggered every single game. It just makes the map far more gritty and intense.

If you want to be the one to cause the mudslide, head to the south of A, across the river to where you’ll find a door. Hit the button on the wall next to the door, then head east until you find another one. Interact with that switch and then run… run like you’ve never run before. If you are anywhere nearby when this thing blows, you’re going to be buried alive.

Now that you know where the Levolution is, do you remember the doors that were close to each of the switches? As it turns out, if you blow those doors open with C4, there is a nifty little Battlefield 1942 Easter Egg inside that you can check out. Veterans of the franchise will be especially impressed.

Area of Interest – C Objective and Train Tracks

The more we write about it, the more we start to really appreciate Lumphini Garden. If you’re looking at the Conquest Large map (which you should be), you’ll notice that the C objective is connected to every other major area of the map. There are three strategic bridges that can take you to other areas of interest or objectives, plus the train tracks that offer a tactical advantage.

The bridge itself is a great place for silly Recon players to get themselves killed, but it also contains a train that has an innocent looking button inside it. Press that button and after a short time delay, you’ll blow up the tracks near the C objective. If you’re on the U.S. side and playing Conquest Large, you’re going to want to do this. That bridge is just one more access point to the A objective that you simply don’t want to worry about.

In a nutshell, the team that controls the area (or objective) around C is in good shape to win the game. It will act as a spawn point that can then be used to branch out to any other area of the map. No matter what mode you’re playing, try to keep this area full of friendly faces.

Suggested Loadout – The Engineer

This class is one of the most popular in the game for a reason, and tying in with our earlier mention of the river, Engineers should be plentiful on this map. Not only does it allow players to carry the M2 Slams that we spoke of earlier, the Carbines are an excellent choice for the ranges you can expect to be engaged at. If you really want to cause mayhem, think about taking the RPG-7V2. While there won’t be a lot of vehicles to engage, the rockets will do some great damage to some of the smaller buildings found throughout the map.

Suggested Loadout – The Recon Class

Lumphini Garden offers a lot of open space, and works well for those who like to hear the crack of a sniper rifle. Even so, the main reason the Recon class can shine here is the Radio Beacon. Because it can be a pain to get around (and the M2 Slams that might be in the river), the Radio Beacon will allow your squad to spawn closer to the action, rather than running for a minute or two before you find someone to shoot at. The real bonus is that, even if you’re not a Sniper, you can still equip a Carbine since it’s available to all classes.

Once again, thank you to DatRageGuy for the pretty images throughout this article.

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