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Battlefield 4 Dragon’s Teeth – Advanced Infantry Tactics

by Prima Games Staff

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They’re called Christmas Noobs because they show up just after Christmas, and they’re terrible at insert any first-person shooter here. The problem is, some people don’t get better. Maybe it’s a lack of interest, or perhaps they just don’t have the spare time required to develop their skills. Either way, when they end up on our team, it’s unacceptable. With that in mind, here are five things that you can do to make sure you aren’t dragging your comrades down when it comes to infantry combat in Battlefield 4: Dragon’s Teeth.

Smile, you’re on camera


The kill-cam is a wonderful thing. It shows you the location of the person who murdered you, and if you’re lucky, tells you where to exact revenge. Definitely make doing this a habit. If you’ve ever killed someone while sniping, or even while holding down a strategic location, you’ve likely had that person return to take your Dog Tags. Well, this tactic is for you.

When you get a kill, and especially a kill that will really grind the gears of your opponent (like a headshot from your GOL Magnum), remember that they can see your movements (or lack thereof) for a few seconds after they’ve fallen. Try staying put for a few moments, then relocate a short distance away. Your foe will think that you’re a big enough noob to stay put, but really you’re just leading them on, and when they return to cause you harm, sneak in for the humiliating kill. Perhaps you want to go with the Deagle 44 to the head? Maybe take their Dog Tags as a souvenir? It doesn’t really matter what you do, the vision of them raging halfway across the globe is reward enough.

Peek-a-Boo… bang!


Battlefield 4 players don’t do this enough. It’s as simple as that. Whether it’s the narrow death traps that Operation Locker calls hallways, or the alley on the east side of Propaganda, peeking and leaning is essential to racking up kills. Seriously though, why stick your entire body into the line of fire when you can get away with only exposing a small portion of it? Do you just enjoy getting shot and then running a few hundred meters back to the fight?

To use the peek and lean effectively, simply approach a corner, whether it’s a building, interior wall or even a small crate, then wait for your gun to automatically tilt to the side. When it does, simply aim down the sight of your weapon and you’ll peek out. The key here is don’t leave yourself exposed for too long. Instead, peek out, take a look around, spot any targets that are nearby and then duck back behind cover. Now that you know where your enemy is, adjust your angle, then lean back out and put 14 bullets in his or her chest. While this skill certainly isn’t appropriate for every situation, mastering it is one more trick in your Battlefield 4 arsenal. Get enough and you’ll start seeing that Kill to Death Ratio on the rise.

Put that down before you get hurt


Repeat after us… “I will not attach an ACOG to my Assault Rifle, Carbine, Shotgun or Personal Defense Weapon. If I do, I shall forever be labeled a noob.”

Now that we have that out of the way, you’re probably wondering what optics you should use for those classes of guns, especially considering some of the Ironsights are pretty horrible. As it turns out, we have the answer, and if you trust us and do as we say, your game will improve. That’s a promise, although if we’re wrong, we won’t admit this or compensate you.

Any time you’re using an Assault Rifle, Carbine, Personal Defense Weapon and sometimes even Light Machine Guns, all you need is either the Coyote RDS or even the Kobra RDS. You see, they lack the same magnification of other optics, but that’s the point. You shouldn’t have to zoom in that far when you’re using the classes of weapons we listed above. Not only that, but these two options will allow you to aim down sight faster (raise your gun) and even increase your field of vision to the left and right of the optic itself. What this means is, you’re going to win more gun battles at close range, and they account for the majority of firefights in Battlefield 4.

Get in line, soldier!


This is a dirty trick, and we can’t advise doing it to your squad mates, although that part is completely up to you. A long time ago (like, way back in 2012), we used to run with a crazy French-Canadian squad mate who was the master of cleaning up all the leftover bad guys after we would die in a gunfight. At first we didn’t notice, but as the months went on we started to identify a trend. We would kick the door down, then go in guns blazing. We might take out one or two foes, but of course someone would take us out in return. Enter our French-Canadian hero, who would blast the remaining enemies to pieces and go on his merry way.

This guy was smart enough not to be the first person through the door. He’d let other players run ahead maybe 15 or 20 meters, then when they’d die he’d know exactly where the enemy was located, and go pick himself up a couple of easy kills. Shame on us for being silly enough to do it, but in the long run, the lesson really paid off.

Think about doing this on infantry heavy maps, such as the ones released with the Dragon’s Teeth DLC. If you’re approaching an area where you know there will likely be a heavy enemy presence, reduce your speed to a light jog and let some other ambitious soul act as a human T-UGS. No, it’s definitely not nice, but at the same time it’s not as if you’re pushing them out the door. They’re choosing to be over zealous, and you’re choosing to tactically adapt to their mistake. We told you it was a dirty trick.

These kids and their technology


We debated leaving this one out, but Battle Screen is just too good to pass up. If you aren’t familiar, it’s accessed through Battlelog, and can be used on a second monitor or even a tablet. Essentially, it outlines what you would normally see on your in-game mini-map, but on an external device and for the entire battlefield. It takes a little bit of getting used to, but this is a life saver when you’re flying in jets and helicopters, as there is simply nowhere for spotted enemies to hide. If you haven’t tried it, click the Battlelog link above, sign-in or create an account, then get started. While you’re there, tweak your loadout and get rid of that ACOG, soldier.

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