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Battlefield 1 – How to Unlock Every Codex Entry

by Prima Games Staff

Adding a new challenge to collectibles, DICE decided to change up how one of the collectibles items, Codex Entries, works in the game. Instead of simply going around collecting an item, like you would with the Field Manuals collectible, you are instead tasked with completing various tasks and challenges that will unlock new Codex Entries for you to inspect and read. In this article we’ll be covering all the Codex Entries in Battlefield 1, so be sure to follow along below for all the information you need to grab each Codex.

How to Unlock All the Codex Entries in Battlefield 1

In order to make this guide easy to follow, we’ve broken down each section of the campaign missions, and included descriptions of how to unlock each Codex Entry in the game. Follow each section closely to find out all the information you need to know to grab them all. To earn one of these Codex entries you’ll need to collect all the Field Manuals in Battlefield 1.

Through Mud and Blood

There are quite a few Codex Entries to be found throughout the first War Story. Pay close attention to find earn each one.

Over the Top

Observation Balloons Codex – Kill 5 enemies while on foot.

  • Jump out of your tank and use your infantry weapons to take out 5 enemies.

German Anti-Tank Tactics Codex – Destroy all Field Gun Emplacements

  • This one is a bit trickier. You’ll need to take out all the Field Guns throughout the level. We’ve broken them up into numbered units below.
    • Guns 1 and 2 can be found near Point A. 
    • Point B holds guns 3 through 5.
    • Head to Point C to find Field Guns 6 through 10.
    • Guns 11-13 are also found near Point C.
    • Continue to the next German compound after Point C to find Guns 14-16, and 18-21.
    • Field Guns 22-25 are located at the church headquarters, while Point D’s trench line holds guns 26-27.
    • You can take out gun 28 from Big Willy’s Farm, while guns 29-31 are just up the hill beyond the farm, just below you reach the bridge.
    • To find Guns 32-34, head towards the bridge and look for them near the defensive line just before crossing. The final guns, 35-36 are on the other side of the bridge.

Fog of War

Forest Combat Codex – Make it through the forest without scoring any melee kills.

  • Without using melee kills, you’ll alert every enemy in the level to your approach. Make sure to have plenty of cover, and be sure to watch every corner for enemies. Take things slow, and you shouldn’t have much trouble clearing this challenge out. If you need to, you can lower the difficulty to make it easier, or even replay the chapter several times to complete each checkpoint.

Guiding Bess Codex – Make it through the forest undetected.

  • Opposite of the previous Codex, you’ll need to take things slowly and complete this level using melee kills and sneaking to earn this Codex. You can usually sneak past many of the guards without having to take them out.

That’s all the Codex Entries we’ve found so far. Be sure to check back often for updated information and details. Looking for more Battlefield content? Head over to our Battlefield 1 walkthrough and guide for more details, guides, and tricks to help you stay alive.

Battlefield 1 follows a different formula than previous Battlefield games, and while the multiplayer aspect is still the most important part for many players, the campaign War Stories make for an interesting way to tell a story. We’ll be covering the game extensively over the coming days, so check back often for updated walkthroughs, guides, and tips to help you make the most of this war torn World War 1 shooter. If you follow the information we’ve outlined above, you should be able to earn all the Codex entries in Battlefield 1.

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