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Battlefield 1 – How to Obtain Puzzle Pieces and Unlock Puzzles

by Prima Games Staff

Battlefield 1 is now officially released and players all around the world have stepped back through time into the abyss of World War 1. Featuring the usual Battlefield charms that have become a staple to the series over the past few years, players can still acquire and unlock Battlepacks. This time around, however, DICE have added a new piece to the puzzle of the series. Inside of Battlepacks players now have a small chance of earning a “puzzle piece”. This article will tell you what these puzzle pieces are, what they do, and even show you how to get more of them in Battlefield 1.

How to Solve Puzzles and Get Puzzle Pieces in Battlefield 1

Overall the process for solving the puzzles and getting the puzzle pieces is pretty simple. On the most basic level, all you need to really do is play the game, unlock Battlepacks, and just wait for all the pieces to drop. If you want to get the items in a quicker fashion, though, you’re going to need to find out how to maximize your Battlepack earnings and how to purchase more Battlepacks. These two components, when used together efficiently, will allow you to find and unlock the Puzzle Pieces needed to complete the Puzzles.

What Are Puzzles in Battlefield 1?

Puzzles are special goals given to players by the developer. As of the game’s launch, the only two puzzles include two Legendary rarity melee weapons. Completing these puzzles will unlock the Sawtooth Knife and the Bartek Bludgeon, and each puzzle will require you to find a total of five pieces to complete it. Now, as far as we know, there is only one way to discover and acquire new puzzle pieces, and that is to obtain Battlepacks. Opening Battlepacks gives you a small chance for a puzzle piece to drop. When a piece drops it will automatically be displayed, and will give you an option to either scrap it, or collect it. Collecting the piece will add it to your puzzle. At this point in time there doesn’t appear to be any difference between each puzzle pieces, which means you don’t have to worry about acquiring the same piece multiple times.

How to Get More Battlepacks in Battlefield 1

Now that you know how the Puzzles work, and what puzzle pieces do, it’s time to talk about how you can acquire even more of them. If you want to increase your chances of earning puzzle pieces, then you’re going to need to increase the amount of battlepacks you have coming in. Right this moment there isn’t any clear indicator of why players receive Battlepacks at the end of rounds, or whether Battlepacks are tied to various rank milestones throughout the game. What we do know, though, is that Battlepacks can be purchased using Scrap, which works as an in-game currency. You can acquire Scrap by deconstructing various weapon skins. This makes deconstruction the easiest and fastest way to acquire more Scrap, which will allow you to buy higher tier Battlepacks, which offer a much higher chance at dropping a puzzle piece. It should go without saying, but, the higher the skin’s rarity, the more Scrap you will receive from it.

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That is everything you need to know about Battlefield 1’s new puzzle system. Buy all the Battlepacks you can, and then open them up to find more puzzle pieces. The more packs you open, the higher your chance of finding what you are looking for. Once you unlock all the puzzle pieces, the Legendary melee weapon you completed will unlock, and you’ll be able to equip it onto your character during a match. If you follow the information above you should be able to start collecting more Scrap, which can be used to buy more Battlepacks, which will allow you to complete and unlock the special puzzles in Battlefield 1.

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