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Battlefield 1 – Best Scout Class Tips

by Prima Games Staff

Out of the four classes available to players in Battlefield 1 (we aren’t counting the special classes available to players), the Scout is by far the most defense based character available to players and this article covers the best tips for the Battlefield 1 Scout class. Featuring long distance sniper rifles, and defensive style gadgets like the Spotting Scope, the Scout class is perfect for those who want to sit back and help their teammates from afar.

Breaking Down the Class

The Scout class is based around engaging enemies from afar, meaning you aren’t going to want to get up close and personal while running this class. Instead, you’ll want to find yourself a nice secluded area, set up your weapon, and take enemies out as they try to sneak in behind your teammates. To make this possible you’ve been given an assortment of nice long-range weapons like sniper rifles and carbines. We’ve broken down the full list of weapons available in the Open beta below, and we’ll be adding more as the guns are officially revealed closer to the game’s launch in October.

Scout Weapons

  • SMLE MKIII Sharshooter
  • Gewehr 98 Marksman
  • Gewehr 98 Sharpshooter
  • Gewehr M. 95 Rifleman
  • Gewehr M. 95 Sharpshooter
  • Russian 1895 Marksman
  • Russian 1895 Rifleman
  • SMLE MKIII Carbine

Scout Gadgets

  • Flare Gun – Spot
  • K Bullets
  • Flare Gun – Flash
  • Spotting Scope

With all the weapons and gadgets information out there, it’s time to dive into a few strategies that you can use to help your team out, and earn yourself some respect as a Scout.


As we stated above, the Scout class is Battlefield 1’s long range oriented defense class. The weapons you have at your disposal will require you to stick outside the normal realm of the battle in order to be effective. This means you’ll want to take up a position overlooking an objective. Due to the Scout’s sitting still nature, we also suggest moving around to different positions after taking out enemies, otherwise you’re bound to end up with your foes trying to sneak up behind you and bash your head in with a club.

When using the Scout class, it is important to remember that your scope produces a glint of light when moved around, this means that your position will be clearly marked for anyone to see as you. Because of this you will want to make sure you aren’t spending extended amounts of time hard scoped in, revealing your location to enemies around you.

You’ll also want to account for bullet sway and bullet drop when using the Scout class, so be sure to aim accordingly depending on the distance and direction that your target is moving. Players using the Scout class should also make use of the “hold breath” option, which will reduce weapon sway, allowing your shots to be a lot more accurate.

The tips and information we’ve outlined above should help you get started using the Scout class. Remember that your weapons won’t be nearly as effective up close, so you’ll want to stick to a distance, or have your sidearm out while moving between covered positions. Of course, your sidearm should never be treated as a primary weapon, so make sure you aren’t cutting things too closely when dealing with other players.

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