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Battlefield 1 – Best Assault Class Tips

by Prima Games Staff

There are four main classes in Battlefield 1’s multiplayer mode, and knowing how to use each and every single class is going to mean the difference between life and death on the battlefield. In this particular article we break down all the need to know information and the best tips for the Battlefield 1 Assault Class, including weapons, gadgets, and strategies to help you rule the battlefield.

Assault Class Breakdown

The Assault Class in Battlefield 1 is a bit different than the Assault Class that players are used to in previous iterations of the Battlefield franchise. Instead of sporting the healing and reviving abilities, which are now part of the Medic Class, the Assault Class focuses more on close quarters combat, anti-vehicle weaponry, and just tearing holes through your enemies. We’ve taken the liberty of including a list of all the weapons and gadgets available to the Assault Class. Since the game isn’t officially released yet, this list may be subject to change. Be sure to check back closer to launch for a more up to date listing, as well as more information about this class.

Assault Weapons

  • Automatico M1918 Factory
  • Automatico M1918 Trench
  • Automatico M1918 Light Infantry
  • Model 10-A Heavy
  • Model 10-A Factory
  • MP 18 Trench
  • MP 18 Experimental

Assault Gadgets

  • Anti-Tank Grenade
  • AT Mine
  • Dynamite
  • AT Rocket Gun

The close quarters oriented weapons, and the use of Anti-tank gadgets make the Assault Class a force to be reckoned with. The inclusion of anti-vehicle weapons and the use of assault-style primaries make the class a mix between Battlefield 4’s Engineer and Assault Class, making it the second class fusion we’ve seen in the new game.


With all the pertinent information in your hands, it’s time to go over a few strategies to keep in mind when playing through the game using the Assault Class. While this class does lend itself well to running and gunning, there are much better ways to put these weapons and gadgets to use. We suggest sticking to cover, and planning your attacks before you engage the enemy. The primary weapons in the class are all close range weapons, which means you will want to be in their personal space when you attack. While you can attack from further away, bullet damage, velocity, and spread will all play a major part in how effective your attacks actually are.

Stick to the buildings, keep your back against cover, and use the close range orientation of this class to push the enemy back and take objectives quickly. When used in conjunction with the Medic Class, the Assault Class is one of the deadliest classes on the battlefield. Use the strategies we’ve provided above, as well as the information we listed, to choose your weapon, and then head into battle.

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