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Batman: Arkham Origins – Advanced Tips

by Prima Games Staff

We’ve already walked you through some of the beginner’s tips for Batman: Arkham Origins, but isn’t it about time that you became the master of your domain? After all, he’s Batman, for Pete’s sake, and he’s got the skills necessary to save Gotham City. He’s done it a number of times, and even as a rookie, he can get the job done.

Here are a few additional tips that will help you get through Christmas Eve alive…

Grapple and Fly

There’s a neat new technique introduced in Batman: Arkham Origins that will help you regain some height when you’re gliding around. When you’re getting a little close to the ground, try to find a point that you can grapple onto from a distance, preferably from a taller building. As you’re reeling yourself in, you can double press the jump/evade button twice to speed up. While you’re doing this, you’ll automatically skip pulling yourself up to the roof and instead launch back into the air. The grapple gun will release automatically, so you don’t have to worry about that. As you do, simply keep your cape open and you’ll continue to fly around the city.

NOTE: this is also a useful technique if you need to get away from armed thugs, allowing you to regain your stature and swoop back in with a glide kick to get back into the action.

Your Wonderful Toys

Selecting from your array of tools is a cinch. Simply use the D-pad in order to choose the item that you want. They all come in handy at one point or another, so here’s a quick guide on how to make good use of them.

The cryptography sequencer will allow you to “hack” your way into locked devices, such as equipment that’s been shanghaied by Edward Nygma – the Riddler. Unlike most games, you don’t have to go through some kind of mini-game to break the system. Instead, you’ll see a series of letters running randomly. Use the left and right analog sticks to find the right words – you’ll see the grids break up when you’re holding in the right direction – and voila! The device is unlocked and you can go about your way.

Detective Mode has a great new wrinkle this time around where you can recreate a crime scene and run it backwards and forwards to learn new clues. You’ll first use this system in order to get into a locked room. A dead guard is nearby, and you’ll have to figure out what happened to him by replaying the scene – while, at the same time, discovering the location of a keycard, highlighted by a red beam, to get you through the door.

The Batclaw helps you out when you need to pull grates off the walls, or if you need to launch a tightrope to walk across, in case you don’t have anything to grapple onto at the moment. This allows you to position right above an enemy so you can perform a quick, non-lethal silent takedown, swooping in and picking them up. This is a great way to take guys down, especially if they have hostages. You can also use it to draw two guys in to one another, or launch someone into a nearby object. THUNK!

Be sure to practice with these tools when you’re can – they’re quite handy.

Exploration is Everything

With Batman: Arkham Origins, you’ve got an even bigger part of Gotham City to explore this time around. Make the most of it and don’t always stick with mission objectives. You’ll find secondary missions where you can save police officers and start earning their trust, as well as hidden collectibles left behind by the Riddler, which may – or may not – lead you one step closer to finding out where he is.

One key thing you’ll want to watch out for is GCR Comms and Network Relays. As we’ve mentioned before, Nygma sabotaged these, and while they’re on, you won’t be able to fast travel around the city with your Batwing. This results in missions taking more time to get to.

You’ll find these locations highlighted on your map. Simply head over to them and use your Batarang in order to deactivate them, or pull out your cryptography sequencer for the more complex ones. More of the city opens up as a result, allowing you to call your Batwing and get to objectives much more quickly.

Bosses Won’t Come Easy

When it comes to taking on the assassins that Black Mask throws your way in Origins, no battle comes easily. Each boss brings something new to the table, and you’ll learn that right away when you face Killer Croc in the prison.

Croc is no easy feat. He’ll charge at you and easily chip away at your health if you don’t learn to evade his attacks right away. You’ll also want to dispatch his fellow goons as soon as you can, because they’ll stop your dizzy-and-strike attacks to drain Croc of his energy.

He’ll also break away and try to throw explosive containers at you. Master the “quick throw” of your Batarangs, however, and they’ll blow up in his face, taking away a good chunk of his energy. Do this a few times and he’ll be done for.

Other boss battles also introduce techniques you’ll need to master. With Deathstroke, for example, countering a single blow at a time isn’t enough. You’ll have to master counters in succession, as he just keeps coming at you. Hit the button too soon and you’ll take a hit. Watch for the blue indicators that appear above his head, and time your counters, then strike back and bring him down. This is one of the tougher fights in the game, but once you see how he works, you’ll be able to finish him off.

Other bosses pose a challenge as well, but, like most traditional boss fights, they come with their own weaknesses, so learn to master them. You are the Batman, after all.

Batman: Arkham Origins is available now for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC and Wii U.

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