Baldur’s Gate 3: The Dark Urge Explained

A unique origin.

Dark Urge Baldur's Gate 3
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When you start your character creation process in Baldur’s Gate 3, the Dark Urge is one of the first options you’ll be able to choose from. We’ll explain what Dark Urge does and why it differs from other Origin characters in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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What is The Dark Urge in Baldur’s Gate 3?

Dark Urge characters are Bhaalspawn, who carry the divine will and essence of Bhaal, the God of Murder himself. This character type has a very dark past filled with the blood of friends and foes alike. You’ll be given unique quests and some entirely new and exclusive dialogue options. We don’t recommend picking this on your first run, as Dark Urge strays a fair bit from a few questlines.

This class is also a special Origin character, meaning that they have customization options that the other Origin classes do not.

Dark Urge Special Origin Customization

The Dark Urge is one of the seven Origin Characters in the character creation menu of Baldur’s Gate 3. Unlike the other six options though, the urge is entirely customizable when it comes to the appearance. The other characters can’t have their appearance altered if you choose to play them and they can also be found as companions if you decide to use a custom character.

As for The Dark Urge, there is no way to get this Origin Character as a companion. This option is only available for player characters, and that’s what allows players to completely customize their class and appearance. The only aspect of the Dark Urge that can’t be changed is the backstory, which does affect many of the dialogue options in the game.

Should You Choose The Dark Urge in BG3?

Whether it’s right for you depends on the character you want to play. What makes The Dark Urge so different in terms of story is how malicious the character is. These characters will wake up with no memory and they have a desire to torment all of their enemies. As the playthrough progresses, players can decide whether they feed into that urge for violence, or they can uncover the truth and reject it.

At the end of the day, it’s all about how you want to roleplay in Baldur’s Gate 3. The Dark Urge is the only customizable Origin Character, so it certainly offers up one of the most unique ways to experience the story.

The Dark Urge Explained

The Dark Urge special Origin class can seem a bit confusing and intimidating at first, but we’ll go over what makes it so unique among the others.

What the Dark Urge Changes About Baldur’s Gate 3

First and foremost, this is an evil class. You will be tempted to do evil, and sometimes your hand will be forced into killing, regardless of whether you want to or not. You’ll go through the initial tutorial like the other classes, but you’ll wake up with no memory of your past as you come into your body.

Sceleritas Fel acts as your humble loyal butler, who will assist you through your Dark Urge journey. He’ll urge you to murder every chance he gets, which you can choose to resist, mostly.

The Dark Urge: Companions

Don’t get so close to your companions, as The Dark Urge will try and get you to murder even your closest partner. It’s quite clear that this path is meant to be walked alone, emotionally speaking. If you’re not big on acting evil towards your companions, this mode might not be for you.

The Dark Urge: Killing Important NPCs

While playing as the Dark Urge, you get a chance to kill important NPCs or not. Here are a few of them that you can murder

  • Gale.
  • Minthara.
  • Most companions.
  • Isobel.
  • Alfrina.
  • Pandirna.
  • Jaheira.

The Dark Urge: Killing Your Lover

At some point in the game, you’ll unlock the ability to turn into your true form: the slayer form. If you fail to control this form, you will end up murdering your own lover. Take care and be prepared.

The Dark Urge: Slayer Transformation

You unlock your final form after your butler Fel tells you to kill Isobel. This form is incredibly powerful and is only rewarded by doing the maximum amount of evil as the Dark Urge. You’ll basically need to ruin The Last Light Inn permanently though.

The Dark Urge: True Lore

The true character behind The Dark Urge was a white Bhaalspawn who lived in another lifetime before you. This Bhaalspawn’s name referenced the many violent dark urges he had. At some point in the game, you can choose to leave his influence permanently.

As you create your character, make sure you have the difficulty settings you want in Baldur’s Gate 3 as well.

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